UB40 Live At Montreux ’02 Another Enjoyable Addition To Eagle Rock’s Montreux Concert Series

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Montreux Sounds

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Montreux Sounds

UB40’s recently released live recording UB40 Live at Montreux 2002 is another enjoyable addition to the ongoing series of releases from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds.  This addition to the companies’ Live at Montreux recordings will impress anyone that is a long-time fan of UB40.  Fans will be impressed first and foremost by the extensive set list chosen for this concert.  The set list boasts a grand total of twenty-one songs.  Among those songs are some of the band’s biggest hits and some that are only slightly less familiar to audiences.  The band deserves credit for its extensive set list chosen or this show.  It also deserves a certain amount of credit for its on-stage performance in general.  Eagle Rock Entertainment deserves just as much credit for continuing to present recordings boasting such high quality audio and video standards.  Those high standards and the equally impressive set list collectively show why this is yet another enjoyable addition to Eagle Rock and Montreux Sounds’ Live at Montreux series of recordings.

The Montreux Jazz Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world.  For any artist, group or band to be invited to perform at this elite festival is an honor.  It means that said artists, groups and bands must bring their A-game.  Fans of UB40 will be glad to know that the band has done just that with this recording.  The band’s set list runs twenty-one songs deep, two of which are encores at the show’s very end.  The show’s set list includes major hits such as ‘Red Red Wine’, ‘The Way You Do The Things You Do’ and even the band’s famous cover of Elvis’ ‘(I Can’t Help’ Falling In Love With You’ as well as plenty of others.  The entire twenty-one song set list runs just over ninety-minutes.  Considering that length, it makes twenty-one songs quite the mass of music.  And it’s a mass of music that the band’s long-time fans will enjoy every time they put on this recording.

The extensive set list chosen for UB40’s 2002 Montreux performance will impress the band’s long-time fans.  That goes without saying.  Anyone that has ever attended or watched a live concert will agree that the show’s set list is only one part of the equation.  Just as important to the show is the stage presence of the artist, group or band in question.  It can be said will full certainty about UB40 that the band’s stage presence in its performance definitely enhanced the show.  The whole band kept the energy flowing from beginning to end.  Even in its rare slower moments, such as in its two biggest hits, there was still a certain amount of energy exuded by the band.  There was so much energy in fact, that even audiences watching this recording for the first time might find themselves getting up off their couches, love seats, beds, or whatever else and moving to the music.  It shows that while this show is roughly twelve years old now, the band still had what it took to entertain audiences back then just as it does even now.  That stage presence alongside the show’s chosen set list makes the performance all the more enjoyable for anyone that is now or has ever been a UB40 fan.  Of course, what would the band’s stage presence and set list be without the show being recorded?  That is the last part of what makes this recording enjoyable for the band’s fans.

Audiences today take for granted that every live show ever recorded for public consumption will turn out to be a perfect ten.  Sadly, not every live recording ever released is like that.  There are those that have shown to have poor quality audio and video mixes.  Again though, UB40 is not in that mass with this recording. And neither is Eagle Rock Entertainment.  The video and audio mix are quite well balanced throughout the show.  Even at the show’s most energetic moments, no one member of the band overpowers the other.  And that is thanks to the work of Jean Ristori with MTX Mastering Studio Montreux Sounds.  Audiences with home theater systems will equally agree on just how impressive her work was in terms of the recording’s post-production work.  Of course, one would be remiss to ignore the work of Eric Glardon for putting the final touch on the work done by the show’s camera crew and director.  Glardon wonderfully captured the full experience from both the vantage point of the band and the audience that was in attendance.  The transitions from shot to shot and the choice of shots in general add so much depth and feeling to the recording.  Audiences will see and hear just how much work was put in by both he and Jean Ristori (and those that originally recorded the concert) to make this recording a reality and all the more worth adding to their own personal libraries.

UB40 Live at Montreux 2002 is available now in stores and online.  More information on this and other releases in the Live at Montreux series from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds is available online at http://www.eagle-rock.com and http://www.facebook.com/EagleRockEnt.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at http://philspicks.wordpress.com.

Thorogood & Company Put On A Real Rock Party In Their First Ever Montreux Show

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds formed a new landmark business partnership a year or so ago.  The partnership in question allowed Eagle Rock distribution rights for a number of new and archived shows that were recorded at what is one of music’s most revered festivals.  And the recordings in question have been nothing short of impressive.  From the likes of Miles Davis, Stan Getz, and Etta James to newer acts such as The Raconteurs, the Montreux Jazz Festival has seen some of the industry’s top names take its storied stages.  Now, one more piece of the legendary festival’s history has been released to the masses in the form of George Thorogood & The Destroyers Live at Montreux 2013.  The concert, which was recorded this past July, marked the first time that Thorogood and his band mates—Jeff Simon (drums), Bill Blough (bass), Jim Suhler (guitar/vocals), and Buddy Leach (saxophone)–had ever performed at the venue.  And Thorogood himself makes note of his excitement at getting to finally perform at Montreux after more than two decades.  That excitement pored over throughout the band’s entire performance, too.  It’s one of the key factors of this recording that makes it so fun to take in.  The band’s set list is another reason that fans will enjoy this recording.  Thorogood and his band mates hit on every one of their major hit songs.  There is even a tribute to Johnny Cash thrown in for good measure.  If that isn’t enough for fans, the combination of the recording’s bonus interview and companion booklet will push the recording over the top.  They, along with the set list and the band’s performance, make this recording one more huge success from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds.

George Thorogood has been making music and performing for over four decades.  So it comes as quite the surprise that 2013 marked the first time that he and his band mates played the famed Montreux Jazz Festival.  The festival, which started out mainly as a venue for the top names in jazz and blues, has grown each year to incorporate bands and artists from across the musical spectrum.  Thorogood and his band mates obviously held no ill will toward festival organizers when they took the stage at the festival.  Thorogood makes no bones concerning his excitement at finally being invited to perform at Montreux.  His positive energy isn’t confined to just that one moment, either.  From the high energy opener that is ‘Rock Party’ to hits like ‘I Drink Alone’, ‘Bad to the Bone’, and ‘Madison Blues’, the band exudes so much energy and excitement.  The audience in attendance feeds off of every bit of that excitement, too.  The mutual sharing of excitement and energy can be felt even by viewers watching this recording from the comfort of their own living rooms or bedrooms.  Home viewers may even find themselves feeding off of that excitement, dancing around and playing air guitar, etc.  That shows just how much fun Thorogood and company make their performance for all of their audiences.  Home viewers will discover this for themselves when they order or purchase the recording for themselves on DVD and Blu-ray.

The positive energy and excitement exuded by Thorogood and company is key to the overall enjoyment of this recording.  Whether one is seeing the concert for the first time or reliving the concert again, everybody can agree that the band’s stage performance alone is enough reason to take in this concert.  Just as important to the overall enjoyment of this concert recording is the set list chosen for the performance.  Fans won’t be disappointed at the set list chosen for the concert.  The veteran rockers included all of their fan favorites over the course of the near ninety-minute set.  From the likes of ‘I Drink Alone’ to the band’s now famous cover of John Lee Hooker’s ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ to the Johnny Cash tribute in ‘Cocaine Blues’, the band leaves little if anything on the table.  Audiences will especially appreciate that in the tribute to the late country singer, Thorogood actually seems to channel him.  He actually sounds like Cash, vocally speaking, at points in the song.  The same can be said of his guitar work, too.  It is just one of so many high points offered throughout the course of the concert.  And it’s just one more part of what makes the recording as a whole so enjoyable for audiences of all ages.  It’s not the last, either.  The bonus interview and companion booklet included in with the DVD and Blu-ray put the finishing touch on this recording.

The songs chosen for this concert and the band’s performance collectively make up the most important and impressive part of this latest recording from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds.  There is still one part of the overall presentation of this recording that puts it over the top.  That last part ifs the collective bonus interview and companion booklet.  The show’s bonus sit-down with Thorogood shows that the persona presented on stage was as real as it comes.  Audiences get even more insight into his excitement over playing Montreux at long last.  And through the show’s companion booklet, audiences get a brief history of Thorogood’s career leading up to his performance at Montreux.  Audiences will be interested to learn that along with George Thorogood and The Destroyers, ZZ Top was at Montreux this year, as were Prince, Sting, Ben Harper, Deep Purple, Leonard Cohen, and so many others.  It’s just a tiny piece of the whole history that audiences will enjoy learning in reading through the included literature.  And together with everything already mentioned, that history and the bonus interview make this presentation complete.  It all collectively makes this latest release one more huge success from Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds.  It is available now in stores and online and can be ordered direct from Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/Live-At-Montreux-2013-Blu-ray/dp/B00FFLBXJQ/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1387537259&sr=1-1&keywords=george+thorogood+%26+the+destroyers+live+at+montreux+2013.  More information on this and other concerts in Eagle Rock’s ongoing Montreux series of concerts is available online at http://www.eaglerockent.com and http://www.facebook.com/EagleRockEnt.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at http://philspicks.wordpress.com.

Stan Getz Live Is A Tribute To The Legacies Of Both Getz And Nobs

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Montreux Sounds

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Montreux Sounds

Claude Nobs started what is today one of the most respected festivals in the music world over forty five years ago when he founded the Montreux Jazz Festival.  Little did he know at the time that it would grow to be what it has become today.  It has grown from hosting the world’s best jazz artists and groups to being the venue that every band and artist across the spectrum dreams of playing.  It has indeed hosted some of the best of the best and some of the best to be, as is evidenced through the deal made between Montreux Sounds and Eagle Rock Entertainment.  The deal between the two companies has garnered some of the best live recordings to date.  It has also helped Eagle Rock maintain its place at the front of the class in terms of live recordings.  And it has continued to do so with the release of a recording that is a classic Montreux performance in every form of the word.  The recording in question is of the late great sax player Stan Getz.  The recording in question is taken from Getz’s very first ever performance at Montreux in 1972.  He is joined by two other very highly respected jazz artists in keyboardists Chick Corea and drummer Tony Williams.  Along with bassist Stanley Clarke, the quartet’s performance stands as a true tribute the legacy of not only the Montreux Jazz Festival, but to its now dearly departed founder, Claude Nobs.  Mr. Nobs would have been proud to see this recording finally see the light of day.  And so will true jazz lovers, too.

True lovers of jazz will appreciate this recording for a variety of reasons.  One of those reasons is the backstory provided by Corea himself in the DVD’s bonus booklet.  Corea states in the bonus liner notes that the quartet seen in this recording was also the group that ended up going out on tour with Getz prior to the show in 1971.  According to Corea, Getz was planning to go out on the road in ’71, but had no band with which to tour.  After making some contacts, the group presented here is the group that toured together.  It’s obvious that during that tour, a bond had formed between the band members.  Getz pulls back time and again throughout the roughly hour long set, allowing his band mates to get their time in the spotlight and then some.  It was his quiet way of telling the audiences that the show wasn’t about him.  It was about everyone on stage.  Again, this is echoed through the sentiments shared in the DVDs bonus booklet.  Corea shares so much insight on how he came to be friends with Getz and on how the group grew as friends and individuals.  So few people take the time to read liner notes, etc. on DVDs, Blu-rays, and CDs.  But this is one of those examples of why those booklets and liner notes aren’t always just wasted ink.  It helps to make this show more than just a recording.  Because of those liner notes, it becomes a fully immersive musical experience and equally important historical document of sorts.

The bonus booklet included with Stan Getz: Live at Montreux 1972 is but one part of what makes this live recording so enjoyable is the performance of the band.  As Corea noted in the bonus booklet, the band seen in this recording is the same band that toured with Getz the previous year.  What’s so amazing about the performance is that while the band had already played a handful of shows through 1971, just watching the band’s members perform together here one would think that they were playing together for the first time.  There was so much energy among the entire group in every song.  Williams’ drumming was completely off the charts.  It goes without saying that his playing is something to which EVERY drummer today should aspire.  The precision yet seeming controlled chaos of what he did is awe inspiring, even today.  And Getz’s own performance on the likes of ‘La Fiesta’ is just as incredible.  He proved that he was just as talented playing rather up-tempo pieces as he was playing slower pieces, like ‘Lush Life’ and the show’s opener, ‘Captain Marvel.’  The way that his fingers moved on ‘La Fiesta’, one would expect them to get tangled among themselves.  And his breath control, handling such long strains is incredible.  That set against his chops on the set’s slower songs proves why he is still so revered among jazz artists and musicians overall even today.  Corea exhibits his own talent throughout the show.  Again, it is something audiences must see for themselves to fully appreciate.  And appreciate it they will when they pick up this performance both on DVD and CD.  That’s right.  It’s available not only on DVD, but CD, too.  This is another positive to the recording’s overall presentation.

Stan Getz: Live at Montreux 1972 is a stunning tribute both to the legacy of Stan Getz and his band mates, and to the festival’s late founder, Claude Nobs.  The DVD presentation alone is outstanding for a variety of reasons.  Two of those reasons are already listed off here.  It is put over the top thanks to the inclusion of a solely CD recording as well.  This is hardly the first time that Eagle Rock has included a CD recording as an option for its live recordings.  As a matter of fact, Eagle Rock has done so with pretty much every live recording that it has released to date.  So why is this performance so important on both DVD and CD?  It is important because it completes the documentation of this classic performance and solidifies even more both the talents of the musicians presented here and the legacy of the Montreux Jazz Festival.  The performance is available now on both DVD and CD.  More information on this and other Montreux Jazz Festival recordings is available online at http://www.eaglerockent.com and http://www.facebook.com/EagleRockEnt.  To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to http://www.facebook.com/philspicks and “Like” it.  Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at http://philspicks.wordpress.com.

Neil Cowley Live At Montruex One Of 2013′s Best Live CD Recordings, Too

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

Eagle Rock Entertainment recently released what is easily one of the year’s best live recordings in the form of Neil Cowley Trio Live at Montreux 2012 on Blu-ray.  The award winning trio’s performance was released on a variety of formats including CD.  Those who have not picked up this performance on DVD or Blu-ray will be especially impressed by the CD portion as it follows the same rundown as the visual recordings of the show.  There are few words to fully describe the trio’s performance other than perhaps “stunning” and “beautiful.”  The musical landscapes painted by the trio in its performances of songs from its most recent full length studio release, ‘Face of Mount Molehill’ (2012) show everything that makes a live performance so special for audiences. 

Even in audio format, audiences get a recording in Neil Cowley Trio Live at Montreux 2012 that will take them to another world.  Listeners need just turn on this record and close their eyes, and they will be able to see every note jump from the page and into their minds.  It’s not often that a band, artist, or group can have such an incredible effect either on a studio or live record.  But Neil Cowley Trio has managed to do just that with this live recording.  That is especially the case for anyone that is new to the sounds of this group of musicians.  The post song banter by Cowley seems to have been taken out of this half of the presentation.  But that’s a minor loss, as the music more than makes up for the other’s absence. 

Since this portion of the group’s Montreux performance is audio only, one can only go so far as to critique its sound quality. It goes without saying that the audio recording presented on this disc is crystal clear.  Every note and every beat is audible.  And given the proper attention, every note and every beat can have its very own meaning, making the record that much more enjoyable.   

Neil Cowley  and his band mates—Rex Horan (bass) and Evan Jenkins (drums)—along with the band’s touring musicians have proven with this recording with a single shadow of a doubt that this band has picked up right where the famed jazz/fusion group Yellowjackets left off with its 2011 album, Timeline.  While the members of Yellowjackets are out on the road in support of Timeline, Neil Cowley and company are keeping appetites of that band whetted with this new release.  It would be quite interesting, as a matter of fact, to see the two acts perform together if they haven’t done so.  Such a live bill would be quite the treat for fans of modern jazz and of either group.  Until such time, the band is set to perform at a pair of European jazz festivals next weekend.  A performance at the annual Love Supreme Festival in Lewes, United Kingdom is also currently on the group’s tour itinerary. Fans of the Neil Cowley Trio can get all the latest tour dates and more when they “Like” the group’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/neilcowleytrio or check in at the band’s official website, http://www.neilcowleytrio.com.

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Eagle Rock Closes Out National Jazz Appreciation Month In Style With Neil Cowley Trio Live

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment

When the Montreux Jazz Festival started nearly forty-five years ago, it featured solely jazz artists.  But things changed during the 1970’s.  Now decades later, the Montreux Jazz Festival has come seemingly full circle with the release of the newest recording in its series with Eagle Rock Entertainment from the Neil Cowley Trio.  Neil Cowley Trio Live at Montreux has brought this world renowned festival back to its roots with its own brand of modern jazz that in its own weird way could actually lead to inadvertent comparisons to a rather non-jazz act in Ben Folds five.  Cowley leads the trio, expertly weaving stories from his fingertips as they ease their way across the piano’s keys.  And band mates Rex Horan (bass) and Evan Jenkins (drums) add in their own special spice to make this performance both a wonderful introduction to the band for first time fans, and an equally welcoming performance for those who are more familiar with the band’s sound.

The set list that fills Neil Cowley Trio Live at Montreux 2012 is taken largely from the band’s most recent full length studio album, The Face of Mount Molehill.  Though, there are some extra songs from the trio’s other LPs tossed in for good measure, too.  Something that should be noted instantly about this release is this is one of those performances that is more than just a concert.  It fully embodies the term musical experience.  Yes, there are separate songs listed in the show’s order.  But the musicianship of the trio from one song to the next makes every song meld so easily into the next.  All three musicians are so talented at their craft that by the time the show has ended, viewers won’t have even realized just how much time has passed.  This is the sign of a concert in which the performer (or in this case, the performers) has done everything right, and made a concert that is truly memorable to say the least.  And that is meant in the most complimentary fashion possible.

The song selection for this show is a big part of its success.  Audiences will also enjoy the banter between Cowley and the audience in attendance.  His wit is something of an acquired taste.  But for those who get it, they will find themselves laughing at his jokes and even his stories behind the songs.  One of the funniest of those stories is about a friend of the band who according to Cowley, looks like a greyhound, thus the title of the song, ‘Hug The Greyhound.’  It’s something that audiences have to hear for themselves.  While the story is interesting to say the least, the song in question is one of the best from the entire performance if only for that anecdote.  There are plenty of other anecdotes which Cowley shares.  But that is, again, something which viewers will have to hear for themselves when they pick up this performance.

The songs and the stories shared about them are a big part of what makes this recording so interesting and enjoyable whether one is new to the music of the Neil Cowley Trio or not.  What recording would be complete without proper audio and visual recording?  Just as has been the case with all of its previous releases, Eagle Rock Entertainment has presented to audiences yet another performance (along with Montreux Sounds) that excels in the quality of both its audio and video.  Viewed on an HDTV and Blu-ray player (and even a surround sound home theater system), it proves to be quite the viewing experience.  And combined with such an impressive set list and performance, it goes without saying that Eagle Rock has garnered itself yet another recording that will come year’s end will definitely be on the list of the year’s Top Live Recordings.  It will be available in stores and online Tuesday, April 30th.

As of this point, the band only has one definite concert date set in support of this album.  The band is scheduled to perform at the Nerve Centre in Londonderry, U.K. on May 4th.  For more tour dates and all the latest news from the band, fans can “Like” the band on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/neilcowleytrio.  Fans can also keep up with all the latest from the band on its official website, http://www.neilcowleytrio.

Stray Cats Live Recording Another “High Note” For Eagle Rock, Montreux Sounds

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision/Montreux Sounds

Eagle Rock Entertainment and Montreux Sounds have churned out some of the year’s best live recordings ever since the two groups originally formed their partnership.  Now, with the release of Stray Cats: Live at Montreux 1981, the two companies have released another impressive piece of history from the history of the famed music festival. 

Stray Cats: Live at Montreux 1981 presents Brian Setzer and his brothers in the Stray Cats in one of the trio’s most iconic performances.  As renowned as the Montreux Festival is, it is a bold statement for the Stray Cats to have been invited to perform.  It was a statement of belief not only in the band, but also in the old school rockabilly style sound.  Setzer and company made festival founder Claude Nobs and the audience more than proud with this performance, as the group kept the audience moving from start to finish.  Even when the band finished its main set with its classic hit, ‘Rock This Town’, the audiences still wanted more.  And the band gave the audience exactly what it wanted.  For that matter, it gave the audience what it wanted four more times.  The band came back for four encores, as that’s exactly what the audience wanted.  Cheers filled the room throughout the performance, even after Setzer and band mates Lee Rocker and Slim Jim Phantom finally left the stage for the last time.

The band’s set was just one part of the overall success of this recording.  That the footage survived for over three decades is impressive in itself.  It will bring back a sense of nostalgia for fans who remember this iconic band from its heyday, and will introduce new audiences to one of the most important bands in the rebirth of the rockabilly style.  Seeing the old recording style itself is the video equivalent to listening to a record on vinyl.  It’s simply a wonderful feeling.  And it’s a feeling that any rockabilly fan or music fan in general can enjoy any time they want now that this release is available now both in stores and online.  It can be ordered online direct via the Eagle Rock Entertainment website, http://www.eagle-rock.com.

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The Raconteurs rock the house on ’08 Montreux show

The Raconteurs could very well be the future of rock.  This Nashville, TN based band started as a side project for its members–Jack White (guitar/vocals), Brendan Benson (Guitar/Vocals), Patrick Keeler (Drums), and Jack Lawrence (Bass)–in 2005.  It reached what could be considered the pinnacle of its career very quickly when it was invited to perform at the famed Montreux Jazz Festival in 2008.  The Montreux Jazz Festival was founded in 1967 by Claude Nobs.  Since its founding, it has spread from jazz to nearly every genre of music, featuring many of the music business’ top names.  Among those names are the likes of Carlos Santana, and Phil Collins just to name a couple.  Now the Raconteurs can add their name to the list of legends who have played the iconic festival.  And fans can enjoy the band’s performance, too, beginning Tuesday, June 19th, thanks to Montreux Sounds and Eagle Rock Entertainment.

“The Raconteurs Live at Montreux 2008″ is the latest in a series of archived concerts released thanks to a partnership between Montreux Sounds and Eagle Rock Entertainment.  This show is just one more performance that shows audiences why the Montreux Jazz Festival is among the elite live music festivals each year.  From the general presentation of the concert to the packaging to the actual concert itself, “The Raconteurs Live at Montruex 2008″ is another top notch recorded performance from the famed festival.

Audiences who pick up the blu-ray presentation of this concert are rewarded with a crystal clear picture.  And getting to see that picture on a widescreen HDTV makes the experience that much better.  Anyone with the room and means to get a surround sound home theater system will appreciate the variety of sounds that the band presents even more.  The songs in question cover both of the albums released by the band in 2008.  Those songs range from the almost Nirvana-esque opener, ‘Consoler of the Lonely’ to the largely bluesy ‘You Don’t Understand Me’ to the country/bluegrass stylings of ‘Old Enough.’  Fans who were in attendance at the time of the recording rocked out to the show.  And now fans will be rocking out at home thanks to the mix of musical stylings.

The band’s setlist was impressive to say the least.  But it wasn’t all that made this show so enjoyable.  As with Bachman & Turner’s upcoming “Live at Roseland Ballroom” release, The Raconteurs keep the energy throughout the almost 90-minute set.  The blu-ray case lists the show at an hour and forty minutes.  That is likely including the show’s end credits.  But from the opening moments to the last notes, the show runs just shy of an hour and a half.  That aside, the band keeps the energy flowing from beginning to end.  It’s obvious that the audience in attendance appreciated and fed off of that energy.  And audiences will do the same in watching the show in the comfort of their own homes.

The show’s setlist and presentation make for one more great show from the Montreux Jazz Festival’s archives.  There’s one more aspect of this show that makes it enjoyable for fans of The Raconteurs.  That factor is subtle.  But it’s great to experience another show that has no foul language at any point.  That seems to be a standard for the Montreux Festival.  And the festival organizers are to be highly commended for that standard.

“The Raconteurs Live at Montreux 2008″ is just one more in the long list of releases already released and planned for release in 2012.  While it may be one more release in the list, one thing can be said of this latest release.  And that’s that Eagle Rock and Montreux Sounds have continued to set the bar for live recordings this year.  Congratulations to both companies for that.  And thank you to both for continuin to make it so difficult for this reviewer to choose a list of the year’s best live recordings.  That is, of course, meant in the most complimentary way.

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