Steve Aoki Releases Details Of New Album, Single, Tour

Courtesy:  MSO PR

Courtesy: MSO PR

Famed producer and DJ Steve Aoki announced this week that he will release a new album this Summer.

Aoki will release Neon Future I on Tuesday, August 12th via Dim Mak/Ultra Music. The double-disc album is the first in a pair of albums that will culminate in early 2015 with the release of Neon Future II. Aoki leads off Neon Future I with the lead single ‘Rage The Night Away,’ which features rapper Wocka Flocka Flame. Audiences can hear the single now online at Aoki explained the concept behind his upcoming album in a recent interview, noting that he views the future of society as being utopian through proper use of technology, music and color. He went on to explain that it was that view that served as the basis for the album’s sound. “When I think of the dance world, I think of how it’s a colorful world. That, along with my fascination with futurism defined the concept of my new album, Neon Future,” he said. “I see the future in a more of a utopian sense, built through technology, music and color. These concepts became the driving force for the creation of my first double album.”

Aoki’s collaboration with rapper Wocka Flocka Flame on the album’s lead single ‘Rage The Night Away,’ which is available now, is not the only collaboration on the album. He also worked with: Fall Out Boy, Empire of the Sun,, Flux Pavilion, Bonnie Mckee, and Machine Gun Kelly.

The release of Neon Future I will be celebrated with a headlining performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden on Saturday, August 16th. From there, Aoki will hit the road for a select handful of dates across the country. His performance at Madison Square Garden will feature a number of special guests and much more. Audiences can check out a trailer now for the performance online at Tickets for the concert go on sale at 12pm ET on May 9th. They can be purchased online via Steve Aoki’s website,

Along with the announcement of his upcoming album and headlining show, Steve Aoki also has announced this week that he and Bud Light Platinum have come to terms on a one-year partnership. The company’s first thirty second TV spot featuring Aoki will air next week. He will be featured in the company’s “Turn up your night” campaign, which is aimed primarily at fans of electronica and dance music in general. In discussing the new partnership, Rob McCarthy, VP of Bud Light brands at Anheuser-Busch told reporters, “The brand looks forward to expanding its range of content through its partnership with Aoki and continuing to build its credibility as the drink of choice for EDM and nightlife lovers.” Aoki shared McCarthy’s sentiment, releasing a statement saying, “I’m always looking for new ways to take things to the next level…so when Bud Light Platinum came to me with the Turn up the Night campaign, it seemed like the perfect fit.”

More information on Neon Future I, Neon Future II, Steve Aoki’s upcoming live performance at Madison Square Garden, future tour dates and more is available online at,,, and More information on Bud Light Platinum is available online at To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Little Feat’s New Live Record One Big Feat

Courtesy:  Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision/Eagle Records

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision/Eagle Records

Eagle Rock Entertainment is the leader in live releases.  The London based company has proven time and again in its near two decades in operation why it is more than deserving of that title.  Most recently, live recordings from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Dream Theater, and Sir Paul McCartney have shown just why Eagle Rock is the leader in live recordings.  Now with the release of Little Feat Live in Holland 1976, it continues to maintain that mantle.  This latest release, which hit stores and online outlets this week, is another success from Eagle Rock for a number of reasons.  One of those reasons is the performance itself.  It serves a number of ends in itself.  In direct relation, that Eagle Rock has provided the concert in an economic and ergonomic double-disc CD/DVD bundle makes this an even better release for audiences.  The quality of the sound and video in the presentation rounds out the whole package.  Considering that nearly four decades have passed since this performance was originally recorded, it sounds just as it did in the band’s performance back in 1976.  The efforts of those charged with transferring the recording from its original masters to CD and DVD along with the packaging and the show itself together make this record a definite candidate to be one of the first releases of 2014 to make this critic’s list of the year’s best new live recordings.

Nearly four decades have passed since Little Feat’s 1976 performance at the famed Pink Pop Festival in Holland.  That festival is still going strong today almost forty-five years after it started.  Countless bands and acts have performed at Pink Pop over the course of that time.  However, it would seem that very few performances from the festival’s storied history have ever been released in their entirety. That being the case, it makes this release all the more important for lovers of music with substance.   It becomes a piece of music history, so to speak. It will take older listeners back to their younger days and the joys of going to a concert truly worth one’s time and money. And for those that have become all too comfortable with today’s constant barrage of flash-in-the-pan artists, bands, and groups, it serves as an example of what was once right with not just rock music, but music in general. It shows that real music could (and still can) be made without down-tuned guitars and indecipherable vocals or any amount of foul language and references to drugs and sex. All it needs is heart as is evident throughout every song on this outstanding concert.

It’s been noted that one of the key impacts of this recording is that it will take more experienced audiences happily back to a day when concerts were nowhere near as expensive as they are today, and were far more worth the time, too. On the other side of the coin, it shows younger audiences what once made music and concerts great and still does today especially in a live setting. Eagle Rock has presented the performance in an affordable and ergonomic package including both the audio and video portion of the band’s performance that anyone can afford. On average, the double-disc set retails for about $20. Such a price for a concert that can be enjoyed time and again instead of just once is quite the bonus. That the concert can be enjoyed both on CD and DVD is even better. And that both are presented in a space saving case makes this so much more worth one’s time and money. This is especially the case being that this concert likely isn’t currently available on vinyl. Maybe the good people at Eagle Rock should look into putting it to vinyl for those that really want the full old school concert experience. Yes, that is a hint for anyone at Eagle Rock that might read this. Getting back on topic, audiences should see quite clearly by now what makes Little Feat Live in Holland yet another example of why Eagle Rock Entertainment is the leader in live releases.

Those that have yet to still see what makes Little Feat Live in Holland another example of why Eagle Rock Entertainment is the leader in live releases, will be convinced after hearing and seeing the quality of the recording’s audio and video. Nearly four decades have passed since this concert was originally recorded. Both the audio and video from this recording have stood the test of time quite well. And those charged with transferring both from their original masters onto CD and DVD have obviously taken quite painstaking efforts to present the concert as it should be presented. For that, those individuals are to be highly commended. It’s thanks to their efforts that the ever-growing generation gap in this country will be closed a little more after audiences take the time to take in this latest live release from Eagle Rock Entertainment. The efforts of those charged with bringing this classic concert back to life sits alongside the recording’s packaging and its collective historical and cultural value to make it effectively one of the year’s definitive best new live recordings.

Little Feat Live in Holland 1976 is available now in stores and online. It can be ordered online via Amazon at More information on Little Feat and its new release is available online at, and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment reviews and news in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Satriani Releases New Career-Spanning Box Set

Courtesy:  Epic Records

Courtesy: Epic Records

Joe Satriani released today a brand new box set.

Joe Satriani: The Complete Studio Recordings is a 15-disc box set containing each of Satriani’s records to date. It can be ordered online via Amazon at It is also available as a collectible limited edition USB drive that can be purchased via Satriani’s official website, The USB drive is available in a 24-bit/96kHz “High Resolution Audio.” The HRA USB drive audio is as close as fans will ever come to the early ½” analog masters and later high sample rate digital masters. That’s because the HRA has higher bandwidth, wider dynamic range, greater detail, and more depth than a conventional CD.

Satriani will be on The Arsenio Hall Show tonight as part of his promotional tour. He will sit in with Hall’s house band. And tomorrow, April 23rd, he will be the featured guest on Rockline with host Bob Coburn, promoting both his new box set and his new book, Strange Beautiful Music. Audiences can find when and on which station they can catch Satch’s interview at Fans can also check out his appearance on the season finale of VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show. Fans can check out that episode online now at

Along with his on-air presence, Joe is featured in the “Life” section of today’s edition of USA Today. Fans can check out the article online at He is also featured on the cover of Guitar World magazine alongside fellow guitar god and Black Label Society front man Zakk Wylde. Fans can check that out at

The complete album listing for Satch’s new box set is noted below:

Joe Satriani: The Complete Studio Recordings includes:

1986  Not of This Earth

1987  Surfing with the Alien

1989  Flying in a Blue Dream

1992  The Extremist

1993  Time Machine

1995  Joe Satriani

1998  Crystal Planet

2000  Engines of Creation

2002  Strange Beautiful Music

2004  Is There Love in Space?

2006  Super Colossal

2008  Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock

2010  Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards

2013  Unstoppable Momentum

2014 Additional Creations and Bonus Tracks

More information on Satriani’s new box set, book, tour news and more is available online at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

ABKCO Announces New Trio Of “Clearly Classic” Re-Issues

Courtesy:  ABKCO

Courtesy: ABKCO

ABKCO has announced that it will release three more classic Rolling Stones records to its “Clearly Classic” vinyl series this year.

ABKCO’s “Clearly Classic” started in 2013.It has added to that series of releases Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!: The Rolling Stones in Concert, 12X5, and Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Volume 2).The new re-issues join ABKCO’s previously released Rolling Stones “Clearly Classic” re-issues Beggars Banquet, Let it Bleed, and Hot Rocks:1964 1971.
Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!The Rolling Stones in Concert has the honor of being the first live album by any artist to have reached #1 on the UK charts.The concert on this re-issue was recorded at New York’s Madison Square Garden over the course of November 27thand 28th, 1969 and was the first to feature guitarist Mick Taylor.It is considered the best of the Rolling Stones’ live releases to date.The most notable performance on this recording is the band’s nine-plus minute rendition of ‘Midnight Rambler.’This record can be pre-ordered now online at
12X5 was the Stones’ second full length U.S. release.This album, released in October 1964, combines the band’s EP Five By Five and its singles ‘It’s All Over Now’ and ‘Time Is On My Side’ as well as their B-sides.The record also features three more tracks that would go on to be included in the Stones’second UK full length album The Rolling Stones No. 2.The upcoming “Clearly Classic” re-issue of this album is based on the original mono mix of the album.It can be pre-ordered now online at
Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Volume 2) is the second of The Rolling Stones’ compilation albums.It was originally released in September 1969.The first of the Stones’compilations was titled Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass).Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Volume 2) reached #2 both in the U.S. and UK upon its original release.It includes a number of the Rolling Stones’greatest and most beloved songs including: ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’,Let’s Spend the Night Together’ and ‘Honky Tonk Woman.’Fans will appreciate that even in its re-issue, ABKCO has maintained the original album’s octagonal packaging.Inside the packaging, audiences will find a poem penned by Brian Jones who would pass away only two months before the original release of this album.Jones’ poem is below.This re-issue can be pre-ordered now online at
When this you see, remember me,
and bear me in your mind.
Let all the world say what they may,
speak of me as you find.
The track listing for each of the three upcoming “Clearly Classic” Rolling Stones re-issues is listed below.
Track Listings:
Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! The Rolling Stones in Concert
Side 1
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Stray Cat Blues
Love in Vain
Midnight Rambler
Side 2
Sympathy For the Devil
Live With Me
Little Queenie
Honky Tonk Women
Street Fighting Man
12 X 5
Side 1
Around and Around
Confessin’ the Blues
Empty Heart
Time Is on My Side
Good Times, Bad Times
It’s All Over Now
Side 2
2120 South Michigan Avenue
Under the Boardwalk
Grown Up Wrong
If You Need Me
Susie Q
Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2)
Side 1
Ruby Tuesday
She’s A Rainbow
Jumpin’ Jack Flash
Mother’s Little Helper
Let’s Spend the Night Together
Side 2
Honky Tonk Women
2000 Light Years from Home
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
Street Fighting Man

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Royal Blood Ready To Break Out In America On Its New EP

British rock two-piece Royal Blood has on its hands what is now one of this critic’s favorite new EPs of 2014 and potentially the best new EP of the year. The four-track disc is the duo’s—Michael Kerr (bass/vocals) and Ben Thatcher (drums)—first ever EP and second overall release. Most American audiences likely haven’t heard this duo’s work yet. Although, it has broken out in a big way on MTV Europe thanks to its new EP. And it’s about to break out here stateside, too thanks to the record in question. The EP opens in grand fashion with its bombastic title track. From there, the duo ups the ante on ‘Little Monster.’ As if the EP’s first two tracks weren’t enough, Kerr and Thatcher amp things up even more on the EP’s third song, ‘Come on Over’ before pulling back a little bit at best on ‘Hole,’ the EP’s closer. Listeners that are new to Royal Blood will agree in hearing this new EP that Kerr and Thatcher have hit on something special. The duo has crafted in Out of the Black an EP that is one of the best new EPs of 2014 if not the best of the year. It leaves listeners wanting more in the best possible way. And with any lucky, Royal Blood will in fact release its next full length album this year after having released such an impressive work on this record. Regardless, it is one more of those records that any rock purist should hear at least once before 2014 winds down.

Royal Blood’s new EP Out of the Black is without a doubt one of the best new EPs of 2014 if not the single best new EP of the year. The duo makes its case for that title right from the EP’s outset. The EP’s opener/title track is a bombastic first impression from Kerr and Thatcher. The massive wall of sound generated by the pair instantly conjures thoughts of Clutch, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and others of that ilk. Kerr’s vocals are just as much a powerhouse as the music crafted by himself and Thatcher as he sings in the song’s chorus, “You made a fool out of me/You took the skin off my back running/So don’t breath when I talk/Cause you have been spoken to/I got a gun for a mouth/And a bullet with your name on it/But a trigger full of heartbeat/I’m pulling from an empty pocket.” The video for this song is actually available now online at So audiences can check out the song’s pure immensity in the combination of its music and vocals.

The title track to Out of the Black makes quite the first impression for Royal Blood on this release. But Kerr and Thatcher don’t rest easily on their laurels. The pair steps things up even more as it transitions into the EP’s second song, ‘Little Monster.’ This song is another impressive addition to OOTB not just because of the song’s power and energy, but also because it has a certain swagger mixed into the song’s overall feel. That swagger works just as well with the song’s overall sludge rock feel as it does with the song’s lyrics. Audiences will be able to hear that as Kerr sings, “I got love on my fingers/Lust on my tongue/You say you got nothing/So come out and get some/Heartache to heartache/I’m your wolf/I’m your man/I say run little monster/Before you know who I am.” Even more interesting in this song is the New Jack Swing beat of sorts played by Thatcher against the harder edged sound of Kerr’s playing. Somehow, the two parts meld together although one wouldn’t generally think that they would. As with the EP’s opener, this song also has a companion video that can be viewed online now. So audiences can hear the song and hear that massive sound for themselves when they check it out at

As if the seemingly untamed energy generated by ‘Out of the Black’ and ‘Little Monster’ wasn’t enough for audiences, Kerr and Thatcher keep things moving on the EP’s third song, ‘Come on Over.’ This song is another full on piece that is sure to impress listeners. Kerr sings on this song, “Let’s run away/Get out of here/I got no money/And I don’t care/This ain’t my house/This ain’t your home/Not when I’m feeling this alone.” This is an interesting chorus, lyrically speaking. It seems to reflect a certain negative energy felt by perhaps a broken home of sorts. One wonders even more about this as Kerr sings later in the song, “I’m on a train going nowhere/I ran away to make you care/This ain’t my house/This ain’t your home/Not when I’m feeling this alone.” If this is one of those standard songs of self-denial and doubt, the musical side of the song doesn’t reflect that vibe. Hearing lyrics like those noted here, one would expect a musical side from the likes of Breaking Benjamin, Staind or others. But instead , the song’s musical side presents more of a self-determined vibe. It makes for quite the contradiction. And that contradiction makes the song all the more interesting. Audiences can check out an in-studio performance of this song online now at So as with the previously noted songs, audiences can hear this song for themselves and heard that musical contradiction of moods that makes it yet another welcome addition to OOTB.

‘Hole’ the final piece on Royal Blood’s new EP bears much the same contradiction as ‘Come on Over.’ Yet what’s truly interesting about this piece is not so much the contradiction of the music and lyrics, but the musicianship of Kerr and Thatcher. Kerr’s ability to take a bass guitar and make it sound just like a standard guitar is incredible. Typically when one thinks of a bass player, one thinks of a figure slightly out of the limelight that essentially keeps time with the drummer. Kerr has broken that mold here. The things that he does with his instrument are simply incredible. Thatcher adds even more power to the song with his ability to mix some tough polyrhythmic patterns with straight forward time keeping all while balancing the two makes the song even better. Listeners can hear this musicianship for themselves when they check out an in-studio performance of this one online at

Whether it be for ‘Hole’, ‘Come On Over’ ‘Little Monster’ or Out of the Black’s title track, or even for all four of the songs, this EP is far more than deserving of being called one of the year’s best new EPs if not the best new EP of 2014. Audiences will agree with that sentiment when they order the duo’s new EP for themselves and after hearing the songs online. Out of the Black can be downloaded now via iTunes at Fans in Bourges, France will be able to hear Royal Blood’s new music live when it performs at Printemps this Thursday, April 24th. From there, the duo will play a handful of dates before coming to the U.S. for three dates before heading back to Europe to finish off its Summer tour. Fans can keep up with Royal Blood’s most current tour dates and news online at

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Phil’s Picks Honoring Moms & Dads With Special Giveaway

May and June are two of the most important months of the year every year.  That’s because mothers and fathers across the country are honored by their families over the course of those two months.  In celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Phil’s Picks has a special way for YOU the reader to honor your parents.

Each week through May and June, YOU the reader can get a chance to win a prize of YOUR choice courtesy of Phil’s Picks.  Throughout May, you can win a prize of yourchoice simply mailing your favorite story of how yourmother has impacted your life in a positive way.  You can e-mail your stories to for yourchance at a prize of your choice.  If your story is chosen at random, you’ll get to choose a prize of your own from the list below.  The same will apply for stories about fathers throughout June.  The list of prizes from which you can choose is below.

1) Aerosmith: Rock for the Rising Sun (Blu-ray)

2) After Newtown: Guns in America

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45) Frontline: League of Denial—The NFL’s Concussion Crisis (DVD)

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136) Veggietales: The Penniless Princess

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139) Wiggles, The: Big Birthday (DVD)

140) Wild Kratts: Lost at Sea (DVD)

141) WordWorld: To The Rescue

142) Your Sister’s Sister (Blu-ray)

1) All Time Low—Dirty Work

2) Annihilator—Feast

3) Beatallica—Abbey Load

4) Bob Schneider—A Perfect Day

5) Breathe Carolina—Hell Is What You Make It

6) Bush–The Sea of Memories

7) Crowbar—Sever The Wicked Hand

8) Dangerous Summer, The—War Paint

9) Dave Matthews Band–Before These Crowded Streets

10) Dave Matthews Band–Stand Up

11) Dave Matthews Band–Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King

12) Dave Matthews Band–Away From The World

13) Darkest Hour—The Human Romance

14) Derek Sherinian—Black Utopia

15) Devin Townsend Project–Ghost

16) Devin Townsend Project–Deconstruction

17) Device–Device (Edited Edition)

18) Divided By Friday—Prove It

19) English Beat, The—Keep The Beat: The Very Best of the English Beat

20) Foreigner—Alive & Rockin’

21) Glasscloud—The Royal Thousand

22) High on Fire—Snakes for the Divine

23) James Durbin–Memories of a Beautiful Disaster

24) Janus—Nox Aeris

25) Joe Grushecky–Somewhere East of Eden

26) Kittie—I’ve Failed You

27) Laura Wilde—Sold My Soul

28) Marillion—Sounds That Can’t Be Made

29) Marillion—Sounds That Can’t Be Made (Deluxe Edition)

30) Matt Skiba & The Sekrets—Babylon

31) Ministry—Enjoy The Quiet: Live at Wacken 2012

32) Nils Lofgren–Old School

33) Peter Gabriel—Live Blood

34) Robert Lamm Songs—The JVE ReMixes

35) Ronnie Montrose–Bearings

36) Roy Orbison—In Dreams: Greatest Hits

37) Saga–Spin It Again! Live In Munich

38) Saving Abel—Bringing Down the Giants

39) Shadidah Omar—Freedom

40) Staind—Live From Mohegan Sun

41) Theory of a Deadman—The Truth Is

42) There For Tomorrow—The Verge

43) Throwdown—Deathless

44) The Winery Dogs–The WInery Dogs (Deluxe Edition)

45) Soundtrack—West of Memphis: Voices for Justice

46) Soundtrack—World’s End, The

Carey & Sample’s New Collaboration Is A Beautiful Collection Of Songs

Courtesy:  Groundloop Records

Courtesy: Groundloop Records

‘Til The Morning, the new album from singers Edie Carey and Sarah Sample, is a good collection of songs for any parents out there with young children. The fourteen-song album is a gentle ride that will easily put any young infant or toddler to sleep and carry them on…well…’til the morning. The album’s collection of covers and original songs will entertain parents just as much as they will younger listeners. As a matter of fact, each song is so well done that some older listeners might find themselves getting teary as the album progresses. They will find themselves getting teary not out of sadness but out of the tenderness in the duo’s delivery of each song. It all starts with the duo’s cover of The Dixie Chicks’ aptly titled song ‘Lullaby.’ Sarah Sample’s original ‘North Star’ is another wonderfully moving addition to the album. And those looking for a true tear jerker will love the album’s closer, ‘Now The Day is Over.’ These three songs represent only a small portion of what the Carey and Sample have to offer on their new collaboration. Every listener will find something to appreciate across the course of the album’s fourteen total songs. After hearing each of those songs, it will be agreed that this is an album that any parent will want to have for their child.

Edie Carey and Sarah Sample’s cover of The Dixie Chicks’ ‘Lullaby’ is a fitting opener for the duo’s new collaboration. That’s primarily because it mirrors so well the album’s subtitle, Lullabies And Songs of Comfort. The gentle strains of the guitar set alongside the equally soft vocals as one of the women sings, “They didn’t have you where I come from/Never knew the best was yet to come/And life began when I saw your face/And I hear your laugh/Like a serenade is a near musical mirror image of the Dixie Chicks’ original song. That makes the song all the more moving for any parent. It will have any parent remembering their own child’s younger days even when the child/children is/are still young. And any parent that isn’t brought to tears from that alone simply has no heart.

Carey and Sample could not have chosen a better way to open their new collaboration than with a cover of The Dixie Chicks’ ‘Lullaby.’ It was the perfect way to set the tone for the album. Another equally moving addition to the album is an original written by Sarah Sample called ‘North Star.’ This piece is a little more upbeat than the album’s opener. But that same gentility is there. The manner in which it is performed makes it so easy to see any mother singing this song to her child. Sample writes in the song’s opening verse, “Hush now/Be still/Lay down your sweet head/Soon you’ll be moving/Mountains instead/You shine so bright/In my arms this night/You are my north/My little north star.” Whether it is her or Carey singing is beside the point. It is again that feeling of pure love and devotion to one’s child that makes the song so moving. And it’s that same moving emotion created by the song that once again will leave any parent tearing up once again.

The third example that helps to best show why any parent would benefit from picking up ‘Til The Morning is the album’s closer, ‘Now The Day is Over.’ Sample and Carey sing this piece together. The two-part harmony on this piece adds a certain added emotion as the duo sings, “Now the day is over/Night is drawing nigh/Shadows of the evening/Steal across the sky. Those that are familiar with children’s nursery rhymes will recognize this piece. It’s just been put to music here. There’s almost a semi-Celtic feel about it in this presentation. It’s almost haunting the effect that their combined vocals has. It is the perfect closer to this album. Of course it isn’t the last good example of why parents will appreciate this record. There are eleven more tracks on the disc from which parents can choose as their own examples. Parents will be able to hear those other eleven songs when the album is made available Tuesday, June 10th on Groundloop Records. It will be available online at,,,, iTunes and other online outlets.  The duo will head out on the road after the album drops beginning June 18th in New York City. Audiences can go to both women’s websites to check out the duo’s most current tour schedule.

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Clutch Releases Special 7″ Split For Record Store Day, Announces Upcoming Re-Issues, Tour

Courtesy:  Weathermaker Music

Courtesy: Weathermaker Music

Clutch and Lionize released a special 7” split disc for Record Store Day this year. Clutch’s new song ‘Run, John Bareleycorn, Run’ served as the double-sided disc’s A-side. Lionize, Clutch’s label mates on Weathermaker Music, took the disc’s B-side, ‘Ether Madness.’

Courtesy:  Weathermaker Music

Courtesy: Weathermaker Music

The new 7” split is just one of the releases that Clutch has in the works. The band is set to re-issue its album Earth Rocker via its own Weathermaker Music on June 10th alongside a Collector’s Edition Double-vinyl re-issue of the band’s

Courtesy:  Weathermaker Music

Courtesy: Weathermaker Music

2005 album, Robot Hive/Exodus.

Earth Rocker will be re-issued in a special triple deluxe format. It will include the original album plus two new songs—‘Night Hag’ and ‘Scavengers.’ Also included in the new re-issue of Earth Rocker are a full length live recording of the band performing Earth Rocker and the live DVD, Live in Denver. The DVD presents the band’s sold-out November 14th, 2013 performance at the Ogden Theatre in Denver. The DVD includes videos for ‘Crucial Velocity’ and the previously unreleased song ‘Gone Cold.’ Audiences can check out the video for ‘Crucial Velocity’ online now at The complete track listing for the upcoming re-issue of Earth Rocker is available below.

The full EARTH ROCKER triple deluxe tracklisting:

Disc 1 (CD)
1.         Earth Rocker
2.         Crucial Velocity
3.         Mr. Freedom
4.         Night Hag
5.         D.C. Sound Attack!
6.         Unto The Breach
7.         Gone Cold
8.         The Face
9.         Book, Saddle, and Go
10        Cyborg Bette
11        Oh, Isabella
12        Scavengers
13        The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…

Disc 2 (Live Audio CD)
1          Earth Rocker                                      (Houston, TX – House of Blues – 5/25/13)
2          Crucial Velocity                                   (San Antonio, TX – Meltdown Festival – 5/26/13)
3          Mr. Freedom                                       (Houston, TX – House of Blues – 5/25/13)
4          D.C. Sound Attack!                             (Lincoln, ND – Bourbon Theater – 5/23/13)
5          Unto The Breach                                (Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue – 5/19/13)
6          Gone Cold                                           (Lincoln, ND – Bourbon Theater – 5/23/13)
7          The Face                                             (Houston, TX – House of Blues – 5/25/13)
8          Book, Saddle, and Go                        (San Antonio, TX – Meltdown Festival – 5/26/13)
9          Cyborg Bette                                       (Houston, TX – House of Blues – 5/25/13)
10        Oh, Isabella                                         (Indianapolis, IN – The Vogue – 5/19/13)
11        The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…      (Fargo, ND – The Venue – 5/22/13)

Disc 3 (DVD)
Live In Denver (Ogden Theatre, Nov. 2013)
1          Earth Rocker
2          Crucial Velocity
3          Mr. Freedom
4          D.C. Sound Attack!
5          Unto The Breach
6          Gone Cold
7          The Face
8          Book, Saddle, and Go
9          Cyborg Bette
10        Oh, Isabella
11        The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…

Music Videos (directed by Aisha Tyler)
“Gone Cold”
“Crucial Velocity”

Bonus video
“The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…” (Fan created Claymation clip)


Photo Credit: Marc Millman

Photo Credit: Marc Millman

Clutch will hit the road in support of both of its upcoming re-issues beginning Tuesday, April 22nd in Newcastle, England at the famed 02 Academy. The European leg of the band’s tour will take the band across Europe through Sunday, June 29th before the band returns to the United States for the North American leg of its tour beginning Thursday, July 24th. The North American leg of the band’s upcoming tour includes a stop in North Carolina. It is schedule to perform at Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on Sunday, July 27th. Tickets for that show can be ordered online now at The band’s most current tour schedule is listed below.


Tue 4/22 Newcastle O2 Academy
Wed 4/23 Leeds Metropolitan
Thu 4/24 Manchester Academy
Sat 4/26 Berlin, Germany Desertfest at Astra
Sun 4/27 Antwerpen, Belgium Trix Muziekcentrum
Tue 4/29 Birmingham O2 Academy
Wed 4/30 Brighton Concorde 2
Thu 5/1 London Forum
Fri 5/2 Norwich The Waterfront
Sat 5/3 Nottingham Rock City
Sun 5/4 Bristol Temples Festival at Motion
Tue 5/6 Edinburgh Liquid Room
Wed 5/7 Glasgow O2 ABC
Thu 5/8 Belfast Limelight 2
Fri 5/9 Dublin Dublin Academy
Fri 6/8 Vienna, Austria Arena
Sat 6/9 Munich, Germany Backstage Werk
Weds 6/11 Hamburg, Germany Gruenspan
Thu 6/12 Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhell Festival
Fri 6/13 Cologne, Germany Essigfabrik
Sat 6/14 Switzerland Greenfield Festival
Sun 6/15 Stuttgart, Germany LKA Longhorn
Tue 6/17 Haarlem, Netherlands Patronaat
Wed 6/18 Nijmegen, Netherlands Doornroosje
Thu 6/19 Frankfurt, Germany Batschkapp
Fri 6/20 Paris, France Nouveau Casino
Sat 6/21 Clisson, France Hellfest
Sun 6/22 Switzerland Fete de la Musique
Tue 6/24 Thessaloniki, Greece Fuzz Club
Wed 6/25 Athens, Greece Fix Factory of Sound
Fri 6/27 Norrkoping, Sweden Bravalla Festival
Sat 6/28 Finowfurt, Germany Roadrunner’s Paradise Race 61 Festival
Sun 6/29 Roeser, Luxembourg Rock A Field Festival
Thu 7/24 Syracuse, NY Westcott Theater
Fri 7/25 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE
Sun 7/27 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy’s
The Shindig Music Festival with Jane’s Addiction, Rise Against, Gogol Bordello, and Halestorm
Sat 9/27 Baltimore, MD The Shindig Music Festival


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Bombadil To Re-Issue Album This Summer

Courtesy:  Ramseur Records

Courtesy: Ramseur Records

North Carolina based indie-rock band Bombadil—Stuart Robinson, Daniel Michalak, and James Phillips—will re-issue its much heralded album Tarpits and Canyonlands this Summer.

Bombadil will re-issue Tarpits and Canyonlands on Tuesday, June 24th. The album will be re-issued on a limited edition double-disc vinyl set. The album will be presented on two 180-gram, 12-inchcolored vinyl discs. The music on each disc has been re-mastered direct from the album’s original analog tapes to 24/96 and playback speed of 45rpm. They will be housed in a tri-fold jacket that holds a custom color print for fourteen of the album’s songs. The prints were painted by American illustrator Robbi Behr of Idiots’ Books.

As an added bonus for fans of Bombadil, the new vinyl re-issue will also come with a code for a free download of the entire album digitally and a bonus song,’Barcelona.’ The song was recorded during the sessions for Tarpits and Canyonlands.

Fans that might not have the means to play back a vinyl, the album will also be re-issued and available at a reduced price in stores and online. Audiences can get a taste of the album now via YouTube at

More information on Bombadil’s upcoming re-issue, the band’s tour and more is available online at and To keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews, go online to and “Like” it. Fans can always keep up with the latest sports and entertainment news and reviews in the Phil’s Picks blog at

Every Record Store Day Shopper Should Check Out The Sugar Free Allstars’ New Special Release

Courtesy:  Wiser Music

Courtesy: Wiser Music

Chris “Boom” Wiser and Rob “Dr. Rock” Martin (a.k.a. The Sugar Free Allstars) will release a special new two-song vinyl in celebration of Record Store Day. Saturday, April 19th the duo will release Vinyl45. Side A consists of the duo’s song ‘My Daddy’s Record Collection.’ The vinyl’s B-side is the song ‘Banana Pudding.’ Both songs are great reasons in themselves for parents to pick up this record for their children. Even more reason for parents to pick up this special new release is the record’s wild artwork. If that’s not enough, the very fact that it is a vinyl is reason enough, too. All things considered, Vinyl45 is a great listen for listeners of all ages. And now it can be owned on Record Store Day, 2014.

The primary song featured on The Sugar Free Allstars’ special new Record Store Day vinyl is the song ‘My Daddy’s Record Collection.’ The song is a fitting feature for the duo. That’s because Record Store Day itself is a celebration of music’s early days. Most records released on Record Store Day are released on vinyl. ‘My Daddy’s Record Collection’ is also a celebration of that format. The lyric video for the song, which can be viewed online now at even presents a turntable playing Vinyl45 right at the center of so much modern technology and vinyl record sleeves. It is a very telling statement in such a small space. The song’s lyrics make that statement all the stronger. Wiser and Martin sing fondly of the golden days of records and the joys of hearing music on vinyl in this song. They sing about pulling out a father’s record collection, dropping the needle on the records, and just taking in the music. They even address the advancements that have been made in terms of ways to listen to music today versus the special joy that comes from hearing music on vinyl. Even the song’s musical side harkens back to the golden days of music. The song’s funky beat set against what sounds like perhaps a classic Wurlitzer organ makes the song sound even more organic like something right out of the days of Booker T, Deep Purple and so many other of The Sugar Free Allstars’ influences. It is a wonderful song that listeners of every age will appreciate.

‘Banana Pudding,’ the vinyl’s B-side is just as funky as ‘My Daddy’s Record Collection.’ Even more interesting, the song is in fact about banana pudding. Yet again, audiences have one more example of the originality that makes children’s records so fun for any critic to review. Who would have ever thought a song about one of the tastiest dessert dishes ever created could be the basis for a song? For that matter, who would have ever thought that it would be as entertaining as it is? Wiser actually sings about making banana pudding and the joy of getting to eat the creation. It’s so upbeat and poppy that it will have listeners salivating like Pavlov’s dogs, wanting to run out and make their own banana pudding. That’s how infectious this song proves to be. It’s one more wonderful reason to check out the Sugar Free Allstars’ new Record Store Day vinyl.

The two songs contained on The Sugar Free Allstars’ new Record Store Day release are two great reasons to check out this record. If they aren’t enough for listeners, the disc’s wild artwork will grab listeners just as much. The disc looks like it’s been tie-dyed. It perfectly reflects the songs on the disc. That throwback design will instantly put listeners in a retro state of mind, thus setting the stage for the musical fun that is to come on the disc. Audiences will be able to see that wild retro disc design and hear the equally fun retro style songs on Vinyl 45 when they get out to their local indie record store April 19th. And fans in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma will even get to see Wiser and Martin performing live at Guestroom Records when the duo performs there in celebration of their new release. Needless to say whether or not one gets to see The Sugar Free Allstars, any parent out there should give this vinyl a chance. It will take them back to a better time. It will also take their children back to a better day, and give them their own joy in listening to music in its purest form. The record will be available in limited quantities. So it will be available on a first come first serve basis. Parents should make sure they pick up their copy early.

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