San Francisco Hosts Los Angeles This Weekend On ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

The MLB divisional races are starting to heat up now that the annual MLB All-Star Game has come and gone and the cutoff for the playoffs is only weeks away. And one of the hottest of those divisional races is the race for the NL West. This weekend, the San Francisco Giants play host to the L.A. Dodgers in a three-game series beginning Friday, July 25th that will see the two teams fight it out for the divisional lead. Saturday’s game, the second in the series between the teams, will be available on ESPN Radio. Jon Sciambi will have the call. He will be joined by analyst Chris Singleton.

The third game in this weekend’s series between the Dodgers and Giants will be broadcast live this Sunday, July 28th on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell. The Giants currently lead the Dodgers by a game and a half in the NL West standings.  Dan Shulman will have the call for Sunday night’s game. He will be joined in the booth by analyst Jon Kruk and reporter Buster Olney for commentary. Coverage of Sunday night’s game is scheduled to begin at 8pm ET.

Before either team takes to the field, and the first pitch is thrown, ESPN’s Baseball Tonight: Sunday Night Countdown presented by Chevrolet will highlight all of the game’s major storylines. Host Adnan Virk and analyst Aaron Boone will discuss those storylines and all of the latest MLB news beginning at 7pm ET.

Audiences that want that can’t be near a TV for Sunday night’s matchup can catch every pitch and hit on ESPN Radio with host Jon Sciambi and Chris Singleton. It will also be available on ESPN Deportes and ESPN Deportes Radio.

Jose Bautista and the Toronto Blue Jays will be on the road against the Big Papi—David Ortiz—and the Boston Red Sox next Monday, July 28th on ESPN’s Monday Night Baseball presented by USAA. Coverage of that game is scheduled to begin at 7pm ET with Dave O’Brien, Aaron Boone, and reporter Tim Kurkjian providing commentary.

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Dodgers Host Bosox August 25th On ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball Presented By Taco Bell

Courtesy:  ESPN

Courtesy: ESPN

ESPN has announced the latest addition to its lineup of games on its weekly Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell broadcast.  Coming up Sunday, August 25th, Hanley Ramirez and the Los Angeles Dodgers will host Dustin Pedroia and the Boston Red Sox as the race to the playoffs heats up.  The game is scheduled to air live at 8pm ET on ESPN.  Dan Shulman will anchor the broadcast.  He will be joined by former Dodgers great and ESPN analyst Orel Hershiser, fellow analyst John Kruk and reporter Buster Olney.

Along with its broadcast on ESPN, the matchup will also be available on ESPN Radio affiliates nationwide and online via WatchESPN.  Jon Sciambi will anchor the broadcast for ESPN Radio.  He will be joined by analyst Chris Singleton.  Spanish speaking audiences can catch the game on ESPN Deportes and ESPN Deportes Radio.  Ernesto Jerez, Luis Alfredo Alvarez, Guillermo Celis, and Ozzie Guillen will have the call for both networks.

The East Coast/West Coast rivalry is just one more rivalry on the Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell schedule.  Coming up this Sunday, August 4th, the Phillies will take on the Atlanta Braves in a modern day battle of North vs. South on the baseball diamond.  The current schedule of games on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell is available below.

Upcoming Sunday Night Baseball schedule:

Date Game
Aug 4 Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies
Aug 11 Tampa Bay Rays at Los Angeles Dodgers
Aug 18 New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
Aug 25 Boston Red Sox at Los Angeles Dodgers

Upcoming games for the September broadcast schedule will be announced two weeks in advance to the games.  Sunday Night Baseball presented by Taco Bell is preceded every Sunday night by Baseball Tonight live at 7pm ET.

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MLB’s World Series Retrospective Is One More Grand Slam For Baseball Fans

Courtesy: MLB Productions/A&E Home Video

The 2012 Major League Baseball season is all but wrapped up.  The Tigers are waiting to see if they’ll face either the Orioles or the Yankees in the ALCS, while the Giants are now waiting to see if they’ll be facing either the Nationals or the Cardinals after Cincinnati’s epic three game collapse.  Both the ALCS and the NLCS kick into high gear this weekend.  Both Best-of-Seven series will take their teams deep into October.  And eventually only two will remain to square off in the Fall Classic, the World Series.  In celebration of the yearly Championship match, MLB Productions and A&E Home have released a retrospective of the Fall Classic. 

The World Series:  History of The Fall Classic has been released in both a double and quadruple disc set.  Both sets present a full in depth history of baseball’s crown jewel from its beginnings in 1903 right up to the Cardinals’ win over the Texas Rangers.  The presentation is narrated by NBC’s Bob Costas.  Costas has a proven track record as a sports broadcaster.  And his experience as a broadcaster shows through here in every minute of the documentary.  His totally professional narrative style will keep any baseball fan’s attention.  And the archived footage from throughout the series’ near one hundred and ten year history adds even more amazement to this set.  It’s incredible that nearly century old footage has survived so long.  Little, if any, is left out in this set.  Even included here is the first time that the World Series went to a Game Seven.  Honus Wagner and the Pirates faced off against Ty Cobb and the Chicago Cubs.  Talk about baseball history.  Hearing the story from former players and seeing the pictures brings it all together.  This is just one example of what audiences have to look forward to with the set.

The stories of the Series are just the tip of the iceberg with this grand slam of a sports set.  Fans that pick up the four-disc set are also treated to a load of bonus features, including loads of media bloopers from the likes of Costas himself, Bryant Gumble, and so many others.  The bloopers are taken from the reporters’ own foibles, and even from moments shared with teams in their clubhouses.  There are also highlights of some of the World Series’ best clinchers, and some of the most famous first pitches ever thrown in the history of the World Series.  Again, this is just a tiny part of what this box set has to offer.  It doesn’t matter for which team a fan roots, after going through all four discs of this set, any baseball fan will be left singing “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” all winter long and counting the days for that first pitch of spring all over again.

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A&E, MLB Productions hit a home run with new blu-ray/dvd set

Baseball season is back in the air.  Can you feel it?  The weather’s getting warmer and baseball parks nationwide are coming back to life.  The TV networks are running pre-season games and opening day promos seemingly every other day.  And as an added measure to get baseball fans in a gametime mind, A&E  and Major League Baseball Productions are relasing the newest piece of baeball history to the masses.  The pair will release “Baseball’s Greatest Games:  2011 World Series Game 6″ on April 17th.

Every baseball fan remembers the St. Louis Cardinals meteoric rise from the depths of the baseball basement last year to take the World Series Championhip.  The Redbirds trailed ten and a half games out of the Wild Card race last season when the team suddenly surged and made its way into the playoffs, and eventually the hearts of nearly every sports and baseball fan across the country.  The Cards eventually made it to the World Series.  And it was Game Six that really defined last year’s MLB Championship series.  Now, fans will get to relive the entire Game Six experience whenever they want with the release of the entire game on a special blu-ray/dvd package.

The entire Game Six of the 2011 series is presented here on both discs, exactly as it appeared last year on Fox.  It’s shown in its entirety without the worry of having to sit through commercial breaks, too.  Though the commercial break moments are there.  This especially allows fans to re-live the game at their leisure.  Viewers can get together and have a party any time during the season, re-living this magical moment as they want.  All in all, it’s one of those moments that reminds fans that even despite the black eyes that baseball has endured, it’s still one of the nation’s greatest sports.

The game’s full on, no frills presentation is only part of what makes this new release so impressive.  Another bonus to the package is that it includes the whole game both in standard def dvd and blu-ray.  Doing this allows audiences to watch the game in its entirety whether they own a blu-ray player or not.  Even viewers with both a dvd player and blu-ray player can watch the game anywhere thanks to the inclusion of both formats in this set.  There’s no denying though, the clarity of the game on an HDTV with blu-ray player.  Although most blu-ray players can automatically upconvert standard def dvd’s.  So again, kudos to A&E and MLB Productions for going to such lengths for baseball fans.

The pair is also to be commended for placing the full 9-inning score summary on the back of the set’s box.  The rundown shows the intense back and forth battle of these “boys of summer.”  Even before watching the game, it reminds audiences of the importance of this series changing showdown.  That anticipation alone is enough to get any sports nut’s adrenaline pumping.  Add in the full Game Six experience in two formats, and audiences get a great reminder of last season’s closing moments all while getting set for a whole new exciting 2012 MLB season.