A&E Home Video, MLB Productions let Reds fans re-live history with 1975 World Series Collector’s Set

Major League Baseball has seen more than its share of great moments since its inception in 1869.  Many of those moments are ones that every sports fan knows.  And then there are moments that while fewer people know about them, still qualify as Major League Baseball’s greatest moments.  The 1975 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox is one of those latter moments.  It may not get the coverage that perhaps Yankees World Series wins get, despite being named by ESPN as one of the top two world series in MLB history.  But it is still one of the greatest moments in the history of both Major League Baseball and the Cincinnati Reds.  Now, Reds fans nationwide and worldwide can re-live one of the Reds’ greatest World Series wins ever thanks to the complete seven-game series Collector’s Edition.  The series is presented thanks to the good people at A&E Home Video and Major League Baseball Productions.

The 1975 World Series Cincinnati Reds Collector’s Edition is more than simply a look back at this amazing series.  It’s an archive of one of the greatest moments in both Reds history and sports history as a whole.  From the outer box of the set to the inside of each disc’s slipcase, to the discs themselves, fans are fully immersed into this amazing back and forth seven-game series between two powerhouse clubs with this set.  The front of the box gives fans the final score of all seven games in the series.  This sets the tone for the series before audiences even slip the very first disc into their dvd or blu-ray player.  The slipcase for each disc helps even more to set the tone for the matchup.  Each case presents a detailed box score both outside and inside.  It could be argued that they serve as programs which fans can use to follow every inning of every game from the ceremonial first pitch to the last out of each game.

Having a guide of sorts to follow the games is only one part of what makes this box set such an enormous joy to watch.  The presentation itself is just as much of a joy.  Each game in the series gets its very own disc.  And each game is presented exactly as it originally aired on NBC that year.  A disclaimer before each game is presented concerning the quality of the footage.  But as has been noted before in many reviews in Reel Reviews, having the game presented as it originally aired brings back a wonderfully warm sense of nostalgia.  It takes viewers back to that time when they first saw the series.  Had the game been spit shined for this box set release, it might have taken away a certain amount of joy.  Rather, it was restored simply back to its original state.  And no fan could possibly ask for more. 

Whether one is a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, the Boston Red Sox, or any other team, the 1975 World Series Cincinnati Reds Collector’s Edition is an amazing addition to any baseball fan’s home library.  Reds fans will love to watch it and celebrate over and over again.  And despite having lost the war, fans of the Red Sox have nothing to be upset over in watching this matchup.  Both teams put up one heck of a fight.  So fans on both sides will have plenty to celebrate in watching this series.  It’s one of those series that no matter how many world series come and go, the 1975 World Series will forever remain one of the league’s best.  And thanks to this massively immersive box set, fans on either side will get to relive the magic of the series over and over again whenever they want.

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