CatDog Season 1.5 offers fans more furry fun

Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon are “unleashing” the network’s classic 90’s Nicktoons fast and “furry-ous” in this first quarter of 2012.  Among the new sets helping fans of the classics “scratch their itch” (is that enough bad puns?) is CatDog Season 1.5, or Season 1 Part 2.  The zany adventures of this crazy canine feline (yes that’s a reference to the theme song) continue in the second half of this season.   This time out, Cat learns that maybe being a collector of action figures isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  Cat also learns the importance of honesty when he goes out on a date with his Swedish pen pal, Ingrid.  He also realizes the importance of his friendship with his canine counterpart when he nearly gets the pair literally split up. 

One of this collection’s funniest moments comes in “The Collector.”  In this episode, Dog drags Cat to the toy store to buy the new Mean Bob action figure.  Cat could care less about Mean Bob at first.  But later that same night, Cat has a dream in which the Mean Bob action figure tells Cat to buy more dolls so that he can sell them and make lots of money.  Cat gives in and suddenly starts collecting all the mean Bob figures, thinking he’s gotten them all until someone comes along and shows him one that he doesn’t have after all.  Fans of Don Adams’ classic series, Get Smart will appreciate this episode as it makes reference to that classic sitcom.  Cat trades Winslow for the figure.  And when a British Mean Bob figure comes out, the same guy from earlier tells Cat he sold his collection.  Sadly for Cat, though, he doesn’t get to the store in time to sell his figures.  Rancid plays the part of store clerk/owner in this episode.  He tells Cat that the Mean Bob figures are worthless, and that everyone wants another figure at that point.  It teaches audiences about the fickle nature of collectors and collecting in general.  And at the same time, it’s a really funny episode.

That lesson isn’t the only one offered in this new set from Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon.  In “Armed and Dangerous”, Cat is reminded that honesty is the best policy, especially if going out on a date with someone of the opposite sex.  Cat’s going to meet his Swedish pen pal, Ingrid in this episode.  The problem is that he admits to Dog that he had told Ingrid that he’s a great cook, even though he isn’t.  So Cat gets Dog to help him put on a front for Ingrid, hoping to impress her.  As with any CatDog adventure, things end up going awry.  But in the end, it turns out that Cat wasn’t the only one who was lying.  Ingrid reveals to Cat that she was actually very short, and had come to the date with her twin to make her seem tall.  So not only did Cat learn a lesson, so did his female feline friend.  It’s something that audiences of all ages can take something away from.

Catdog Season 1.5 offers lessons on money management in “The Collector”, and honesty in “Armed and Dangerous.”  But that’s not all it teaches.  It also teaches the value of friendship in a number of the show’s episoodes, including “Catdog’s End.”  After dog drives Cat crazy yet again, Cat sees an ad on television for a place that could swap out anyone’s lower half.  Classic movie buffs will love this for the Cary Grant-esque figure who endorses the office.  Cat decides he’s going to go and get split from dog, and replaced with a different lower half.  But in the process, Cat begins to realize just how valueable Dog’s friendship is, and how bad off he’d be without Dog.  In his realization, Cat saves himself and Dog at the last minute, and tells him he doesn’t want to be split up.  This is one more valueable lesson to audiences young and old alike.

CatDog offers so much that makes it more than worthy of being given the title, “Nicktoon.”  It offers great lessons for audiences of all ages.  It also offers episodes that even without morals and lessons, are great fun, zany adventures for the furry pair.  And of course, the very fact that it’s a real hand drawn animated cartoon makes CatDog Season 1.5 one more great addition to any Nicktoons Nostalgic’s home library.

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