Reds Memories a great celebration of Reds history for fans

One hundred and forty-three years.  That’s how long the Cincinnati Reds has been in existence.  The Cincinnati Reds is the oldest team in the history of Major League Baseball.  And while it may not be as revered (or thankfully hated) as the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox, it has one of the richest histories of any club. Now, thanks to A&E Home Video and Major League baseball Productions, baseball fans and Reds fans alike can bring home what is a wonderful tapestry of the Cincinnati Reds’ history in “Reds Memories:  The Greatest Memories in Cincinnatie Reds History.”

The Cincinnati Reds may not have the acclaim that the Yankees and Red Sox have.  But this nearly two century old team has its own accolades that makes it one of the greatest in all of Major League Baseball.  This documentary takes fans on a journey from the club’s earliest beginnings as the Cincinnati Red Stockings to its two different earyl incarnations as the Reds, to the modern day team that has brought the Midwest’s Queen City back into the limelight.  It doesn’t pull any punches either.  It covers both the team’s good years and bad.  It also serves as a history lesson for fans and general audiences alike, bringing up great names such as:  Joe Nuxhall, Frank Robinson, Ted Kluszewski, Pete Rose, Fred Hutchinson, and lots more.

One of the most pwoerful moments in the team’s history that’s highlighted is the teams second World Series Championship in 1940.  After the allegations that the Chicago White Sox had thrown the 1919 World Series, the 1940 win proved no matter what people said, the Reds were a bona fide championship caliber team.  Another of the greatest moments highlighted in this amazing documentary is the team’s 1975 World Series against the Boston Red Sox.  The Reds won this series in a back and forth seven game series that could have gone to either team.  It’s not only one of the greatest moments in Reds history, but in baseball history.  Any of the games in that series could make the Greatst Games collection from A&E and MLB Productions. 

“Reds Memories” notes the Reds as a great team not only for what it did do, but also what it didn’t.  It notes that in 1981, the Reds were considered one of the league’s best.  And the team had made its way to the post season.  But thanks to the players’ strike that year, there was no postseason.  So time could only tell how far the team could have gone that year.  As noted earlier, this documentary doesn’t pull any punches.  It takes ample time pointing out everything that made the team great over its history.  Many of those moments are included in length as bonus features, including Tom Browning’s perfect game from 1988, Pete Rose pasing Ty Cobb’s record, and more.  But it also takes time to poitn out the team’s tough years, too.  The thing of it is that in noting the team’s tough times, that only serves to make the team’s highs that much greater.  And it closes in modern day Cincinnati at Great American Ballpark, the team’s new home.  It gives fans hope that considering the new team, and the team’s farm system and mroe, it may not be long before fans get to see a whole new incarnation of the team that is known simply as The Big Red Machine!

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