The musical mad scientist closes out his latest project

Devin Townsend is a genius in the world of music.  At the same time, he could be considered a mad musical scientist, considering his body of work.  that includes the final two quarters of his Devin Townsend Peoject.  In June 2011, Townsend released the third and fourth quarters of his 4-part self titled “Devin Townsend Project” saga.  Part three, “Deconstruction” is the most bizarre portion of this saga.  Yet, as bizarre as it is both musically and lyrically, audiences can’t help but listen to it.  It takes experimental and progressive rock, and turns it on its ear with songs that are lyrical mindtwists.  Their run times range between a few minutes all the way up to nearly fifteen minutes long.

What makes “Deconstruction” so impressive is that it takes the intensity of “Addicted”, and knocks it up about ten notches.  What audiences should note about “Deconstructed” is that just as with the album’s companion pieces, the songs on this album go along with the album’s general theme.  So many bands like to claim that their albums have a general theme fron one song to the next.  But one look at the cover of “Deconstructed”, and a listen through the album, proves that to be true especially for him.  The songs on this album make audiences feel as if they’re going through some dark futuristic madhouse.  The album’s cover art exudes that same sense.  This isn’t a bad thing, either.  It’s just one chapter in a larger story.  When audiences listen to all four albums in order, that’ll increase the appreciation for an album that while dark, is one of the most creative rock records of 2011.

After taking his listeners through “Ki”, “Addicted”, and the dark journey of “Deconstructed”, he sets them gently on the other shore with the fourth and final portion of the four-part saga, “Ghosts”.  As with the previous three quarters of the saga, the songs on this album all follow the same theme.  “Ghost”‘s outer sleeve and cover art, and booklet art are literally the picture of serenity.  The outer sleeve is a close-up of a leaf covered in morning dew.  The album’s actual cover art is a time lapsed photograph of what looks like a beach at sunrise (or it could be sunset).  The songs continue that same feel of serenity.  If a person had never listened to Devin Townsend before, one might mistake this opus for one of those “peaceful sounds” cd’s that some people use to fall asleep.  But again, in the grand scheme of the Devin Townsend Project, “Ghost” is the perfect closure to an amazing musical odyssey.  Ironically enough, it probably could be used for that purpose.  So much could be said of the songs on “Ghost”. From the Pink Floyd-esque tones of ‘Feather’ to the album’s “beachier” title track, to the almost bluegrass-esque ‘Blackberry’, to “Dark Matters” (which sounds like it belongs on the Tron:  Legacy soundtrack), “Ghost” is simply an impressive work from beginning to end.  There is absolautely nothing bad about this album, whether by itself or set next to its companion pieces.  It’s one more piece that serves to cement Devin Townsend’s name as one of the most creative and justifiably respected artists in the music industry today.

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