The Dunwells debut a great start for music in 2012

2011 was quite the year for the music industry.  Lady Gaga and international superstar Adele were everywhere after their new releases.  And fans were shocked by the death of up-and-comer Amy Winehouse.  Fans of music in every genre saw new records come out.  But now with the old year heading out, it’s time to start looking to the new year, and in turn, new music.  One of the bands that everyone might hear from in 2012 is a U.K. based band of brothers called The Dunwells.  This band’s debut cd, “Blind Sighted Faith”, is due out in February.  Now, while digital downloading is all the rage right now, the only reason to download The Dunwell’s debut release is if it can’t be found in stores.  Otherwise, it’s yet another piece of evidence in the fight for keeping the physical object versus downloading.

“Blind Sighted Faith” is already looking to be one of the best pop albums of 2012.  The irony of the album (and the band) is that this band of brothers actually headed up 2012’s International Folk Alliance Conference.  This year’s conference was held February 21 – 26th in memphis, TN.  One listen through the album makes one wonder how they could have been tapped for a folk music conference.  The whole album is a solid mix of John Mayer and Marc Broussard.  There’s even a hint of Don Henley and his Eagles bandmates in ‘Elizabeth’. 

‘Elizabeth’ is a great ballad.  But it’s not the only high point to “Blind Sighted Faith.”  That goes back to the argument for buying the physical object over downloading.  The album’s opener/lead single “I Could be King” is a positive song in which frontman Joe Dunwell sings about his hopes and dreams.  The music perfectly fits the lyrical content.  The band slows things down just a bit after that, with a relationship based song in the album’s title track.  There’s an equally impressive acoustic version of this song that’s available to view on Youtube, by the way.  Then again, most of the songs on the album can be viewed via Youtube, if you want a hint of the album.  Still not enough?  Well how about ‘Hand That Feeds’.  This song has a great retro 1960’s feel, brought into the modern era.  There’s no argument that this song is one of the album’s highlights, if not THE highlight of the whole album. 

“Blind Sighted Faith” doesn’t let up after the album’s first trio of songs.  Again, there’s also the Eagles-esque ‘Elizabeth’, and a nice bluesy Marc Broussard-esque piece in “Follow The Road”.  The great songs keep coming right to the surprise album closer, ‘Oh Lord’.  The surprise of this song is that it starts off soft, but then breaks into a solid blues/rock style song.  It’s the longest track on the album.  But it’s such a surprisingly impressive song that the run time doesn’t matter.

Whether for ‘Oh Lord’, ‘Elizabeth’, ‘Hand That Feeds’, or any other song on this album, “Blind Sighted Faith” is a great start for music fans in 2012.  And being that it’s the band’s debut release, those fans who have some blind sighted faith in The Dunwells will be pleasantly rewarded with a solid, enjoyable album.

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