Garfield fans get another new DVD

Garfield and Friends is one of the most famed cartoons in the annals of television history.  It’s one of those shows that’s considered by most audiences to be absolutely timeless.  So when a new cartoon featuring everyone’s favorite tubby tabby was created, the shadow of doubt was instantly cast over what is now known simply as The Garfield Show.  But The Garfield Show has actually turned out to not be that bad of a show.  And the show’s latest dvd, “Dinosaurs & Other Animal Adventures”, is proof of that. 

For those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to check out The Garfield Show, or simply haven’t checked it out yet, the latest dvd is one to check out, especially for fans of the classic Garfield & Friends.  At least two of the six episodes on this compilation pay homage to Garfield & Friends.  “Down on The Farm” features a scene that whether or not it was intentional, pays homage to Orson’s Farm.  While Garfield is trying to convince the farm animals to get television, he visits the hen house.  While he’s trying to sway the chickens, a group of chicks comes in.  One of them is in a shell just like Sheldon, from Orson’s Farm.  A much more blatant homage to Garfield & Friends was in the episode, “The Pet Show”.  Fans of the original show will recognize the close similarities to the episode, “Best in Breed” from the original show in watching it.  Even “History of Dogs” pays tribute to one classic episode of Garfield & Friends. 

If the episodes themselves aren’t enough motivation to give this dvd a chance, then consider the bonus shorts included on the dvd. The shorts pay tribute more to the legendary Garfield comic strip than the original cartoon.  Save for just one short, all the rest involve Garfield having to put up with a certain pair of annoying spiders.  It’s odd that those same bonus shorts aren’t included during the show’s episodes on television.  And they really are funny.  So in this case, they are a bonus.  Viewers will laugh as Garfield turns one of the spiders into a yo-yo in one short, and ties it to a balloon in another.  There’s even a short involving a “scene rehearsal” with Jon. 

Still not enough proof to give The Garfield Show a chance with this new dvd?  Check out the show’s cast.  Television legend Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo Where Are You?, What’s New Scooby-Doo?, etc.) has taken over the reins, voicing Garfield.  He was a natural choice to fill the role, considering that he also voiced the roles of Sheldon and Mort in the Orson’s Farm segments of Garfield & Friends.  Welker is also joined on The Garfield Show by fellow Garfield & Friends alums, Julie Payne and Gregg Berger.  Payne is reprising her role as veterinarian Liz Wilson this time out.  She’s also known for voicing Lanolin sheep in Orson’s Farm from Garfield & Friends.  Gregg Berger returns on The Garfield Show as the voice of Odie.  Even Garfield’s mouse friends are back, just with new names.  And as Berger voiced Floyd the mouse in Garfield & Friends, he’s also the voice of Squeak in The Garfield Show.  Of course, Squeak doesn’t appear in any of the episodes in this collection.  Though Odie’s definitley there.

The Garfield Show has a lot going for it.  It boasts great actors.  Its episodes pay at least some homage to the original Garfield & Friends cartoon.  Anyone who has yet to see it, or who simply hasn’t yet given it a chance will get an enjoyable introduction to a fun show.  Now with five compilation dvd’s out in stores, one can only wonder if the show will ever see its full seasons make their way to stores too in the near future.  If they do, they’ll be just as worth buying.

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