Queensryche still shows its “dedication” after thirty years

Thirty years is a long time for a musical act of any kind to make music.  Very few acts can brag taht they’ve been around for three decades.  Seattle based prog-rock band, Queensryche, is one of those bands.  The band celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in 2001.  And it did it in fine fashion with the release of one of its best releases to date in “Dedicated To Chaos”.

“Dedicated To Chaos” is the band’s thirteenth original, full length studio release.  That’s not counting its covers album, “Take Cover”.  It’s also one of the band’s best records to date, right after “Hear in The Now Frontier”.  It’s a solid album from beginning to end.  Musically, it takes the best elements of “Tribe”, “Q2K”, and “HITNF”, and combines them together for what is one of the band’s most accessible, radio friendly albums to date.  That’s not a bad thing, either.  In an industry in which acts come and go with the changing of the seasons, this release is more proof that Queensryche still has plenty to offer.

The band’s new album has had its detractors since its original release this past June.  But most of the album’s detractors are those who expected it to be like so much of the band’s other, heavier guitar-driven records.  The same thing happened with fellow prog-rockers, Dream theater, when they released their 1997 album, “Falling Into Infinity”.  But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any band making itself commercially viable.  Sure the lyrical content is nothing new for any musical act of any genre on “Dedicated To Chaos”.  But that doesn’t really matter.  What matters is that Queensryche has crafted an album that will have its own identiy among the band’s catalogue of albums. 

Queensryche has released more than its share of quality albums over the course of its three decades in the music business.  From “Promised Land” to “Empire” and all the way back to “Rage For Order”, every one of the band’s releases has been a new listening experience.  And while lots of people have come out against “Dedication to Chaos”, the band’s newest release is still a great new listening experience in its own right.  And those who listen all the way through, will appreciate it.  They’ll understand why it is one of the band’s best albums, regardless of its detractors.  Even if it turns out to be the band’s last, it’s a great way for the band to go out.

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