Astros’ new anniversary box set is a home run for fans

The Houston Astros celebrate fifty years as a team this year.  In celebration of the team’s anniversary, A&E Home Video and Major League Baseball Productions are set to release a retrospective box set on the team’s history.  “Astros 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” hits stores May 15th, just as Major League Baseball starts to hit its Summer stride.  And for any true Astros fan, this five-disc collector’s edition box set is a must have.  Also, considering that Father’s day is right around the corner from the set’s official release date, it’s a great gift idea for all the dads out there, too.

The “50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition” includes five discs.  Four of those discs highlight some of the team’s greatest moments.  The great moments included here are:  Nolan Ryan’s fifth no-hitter on September 26, 1981, Mike Scott’s Division clinching No-Hitter against the Giants from September 25, 1986, the team’s famous 18-inning NLDS clincher against the Braves, and Astros legend Craig Biggio’s 3,000th hit in the team’s match against the Rockies on June 28th, 2007.  Each game recieves its own slipcase in the box, which protects each one.  Add in that each Add in the single disc feature, “Astros Memories:  The Greatest Moments in Astros Baseball History” and fans get nearly twelve enjoyable hours of material. 

“Astros Memories:  The Greatest Moments in Astros Baseball History” is an excellent starting point for any Astros fan in viewing this box set.  While the set does include the aforementioned high notes of the team’s history, this single disc feature delves into the team’s history, going all the way back to the days of the Colt .45’s up to the modern era of the Astros.  It discusses the team’s early days playing in searing Texas heat while the famed Astrodome was being built, and the drastic difference (and problems) of playing in the domed stadium and eventually move in to Minute Maid Park.  One of the funniest moments of the team’s days in the Astrodome comes when the comparison is made between the Astros uniform in 1976 to that of the Chicago White Sox.  Some players and fans didn’t like the Astros uniforms.  But one former player makes the comment that compared to the collared shirt and shorts that the White Sox had, he was glad to wear his team’s uniform.

The laughs about uniforms aside, this feature has plenty more for Astros fans to enjoy.  It highlights the influence of Astros greats such as the legendary Nolan Ryan.  The discussion centered on Ryan includes his fifth no-hitter, which again, is included in its entirely on its own disc in this five-disc set.  There are also discussions cenetered on fellow Astros legends Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio (A.K.A. The Killer B’s), and the acquisition of Roger “The Rocket” Clemens and Andy Pettitte.  The discussion on Biggio also includes his famed 3,000th hit.  That game, too, gets its own disc in this set.  It also makes certain to spend ample time on the contributions of Hal Lanier and many others early in the team’s history.  Simply put, it does more than dropping a bunch of names.  It focuses on everything and everyone that made the Astros the team that its fans have come to love today.  And while the team’s season is off to a rough start this year, this set could help to remind fans that even when critics say the team’s season is dead and buried, it can surprise everyone and “blast off” into baseball’s srtatosphere yet again.

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