New Mill Creek blu-ray takes viewers on a “beautiful” tour of France and Italy

The second of Mill Creek Entertainment’s new “Beautiful Planet” blu-ray’s is a stunning look at two more of Europe’s most…well…beautiful countries.  On this second disc, Mill Creek offers viewers a look at the art and architecture of France and Italy.  In an age when interntaional travel is extremely expensive, this new blu-ray is one more way to enjoy the wonder and awe of Europe without blowing one’s bank account.

One of the most interesting aspects of this blu-ray is its examination of the nine Sacred Mounts of Sacri Monti.  Sacri Monti is the final region examined in Italy.  The study of Sacri Monti examines the impact of the region’s Christian beliefs on the architecture and art of the nine Sacred Mounts.  This final piece of the blu-ray presentation gives an full in depth look at the chapels that will be of great interest to any student of art, theology, construction and engineering.  As expansive as Sacri Monti is, this section of the presentation makes one appreciate that it saves viewers the walking time and the massive tour groups.  Viewers can experience the beauty of the Sacred Mounts from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Viewers who want to tour the streets of France’s most stunning regions get to do that, too.  This partner to Mill Creek’s other Beautiful Planet blu-ray takes viewers throughout Avignon, Bordeaux, and another pair of France’s most stunning regions all without worrying about passports, exchange rates or anything else.  The documentary looks at the impact of the regions’ histories on their buildings.  One of the most interesting facts in watching the tours of both France and Italy is that regardless of whether or not one is a student of engineering, construction or art, there is a noticeable difference in the buildings throughout each area.  There are thsoe who would criticize the Beautiful Planet blu-rays for focusing so much on art and architecture.  But the reality of things is that people tour these countries in large part for their architecture.  The buildings in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal have stood for ages.  That being the case, being able to see these beautiful buildings without the stress of travelling and its associated stresses will make any viewer happy.

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