Smile Empty Soul’s new album will make fans smile

California based Smile Empty Soul is getting ready to release its sixth full length studio release.  The band’s new album, “3’s”, hits store shelves May 22nd.  This new album is everything that fans have come to expect from the band.  It carries that familiar mix of Puddle of Mudd and Linkin Park throughout all without missing a step. 

The album opens with the solid, hard rocking song, ‘Carve.’  ‘Carve’ comes across lyrically as another song dealing with personal relationship issues.  And the music does a good job reflecting that.  It’s a perfect fit for any mainstream hard rock radio station.  From there, the album lets up just a little bit with ‘Ugly’, but not too much.  That little break is just enough to let listeners catch their breath before the band starts kicking things back into gear with ‘Warning’ and ‘Sleep Deprivation.’  That pair of songs was well placed in the album’s overall tracking in that it makes for a nice build to ‘Hiding Places.’  ‘Hiding Places’ is one of the standout songs on this album.  It starts off subdued, and builds to a solid rock feel that will get listeners’ horns in the air before landing them back on the ground in a manner just as subdued as the song started.  That easy end is another example of smart tracking, as it lets listeners catch their breath just enough before slamming them in the face again with ‘Let Go.’ 

The remainder of ‘3’s’ is just as solid as the first three quarters.  There really is nothing bad about this album.  As already noted, ‘3’s’ is everything that Smile Empty Soul’s fans have come to expect from the band.  Any number of songs on this release could be used as radio singles.  That’s a very good thing for this band, six albums in.  It shows that the band is doing something right.  And this Summer, even more fans will get to hear that for themselves not just because of the band’s new album.  Smile Empty Soul heads out on the road tomorrow to start touring in support of the album.  The tour kicks off in Riverside, California.  It’ll take the band along the west coast before swinging back up to the northwest.  From there, the band will take its tour across the midwest and up to the northeast before heading down the eastern seaboard and into the southeast by mid-June. Smile Empty Soul’s North Carolina fan base hasn’t been forgotten.  The band will stop at the Berkeley Cafe in Raleigh Monday, June 4th.  It will perform at Hooligan’s in Jacksonville Tuesday, June 5th. 

Fans can follow the band’s tour and even buy tickets through the band’s website,  Fans can also interact with each other and the band on the band’s Facebook page, and on the band’s Twitter page,

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