Rock vets The Cult release a powerful “weapon” with new album

Twenty-Twelve has been an amazing year for music.  This year isn’t yet halfway over and already so many great albums have been released.  Now, yet another album can be added to that list of great releases in The Cult’s new upcoming album, “Choice of Weapon.”

“Choice Of Weapon” is a fitting title for the band’s new album.  It’s a reflection of the feelings toward everything going on in the world right now.  Frontman Ian Astbury said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, of the album’s title, “a weapon can be a statement, a verbal statement,  a weapon can be an article of clothing.”  The band’s choice of weapon in this case, is that verbal weapon.  The single, ‘For The Animals’ is a prime example of that.  Astbury writes in this piece, “Who you trying to screw – All the animals/Where you gonna turn – To the untamed/What you trying to prove – You not participating”  The animals in question are the people.  It’s a scathing social commentary about the increasingly disenfranchised youth of the world. 

Another good example of the commentary that abounds on the album comes in the song, ‘Life > Death.’  While it isn’t as up-tempo as some of the other pieces on the album, the lyrical and musical combination makes for an emotional piece that’s in reality one of the album’s best songs.  Astbury wrote in this song, “You break the man/leave his shell on the ground/what have you done?/with your own life?/your world..You can’t destroy them/the beauty and the youth/you’ll never beat them/you’ll never hide the truth.”  For all the pessimism and negativity in the world, this song seems to intimate Astbury’s hope for something better.  It almost comes across as him saying that as bad as things might be or get, all the negative forces in the world can’t destroy the positive forces that will always exist.  The softer musical content of the song really helps to hammer that message home.  It’s almost a bittersweet sound, but still positive in its own way.

This album has even more songs that will move listeners.  What’s listed here is just a small sampling of what fans can expect from this impressive opus.  Making the album even better is that it comes with a bonus disc with four extra tracks.  The abundance of impressive musical content is only one part of what makes “Choice of Weapon” the impressive recording that it is.  The addition of mega-producer Bob Rock (Metallica) on the boards makes the album that much greater.  Rock was able to catch every little nuance of each song.  There are little guitar licks and added special effects throughout the record that might not be caught until after the first few times.  In hearing those tiny additions, one really hears the greatness of this record.  It’s like a great classic movie helmed by an equally great director.  Catching different elements makes it that much better each time it’s experienced.  And that’s a sign of an album that lyrics or no lyrics, has added itself into an already busy mix of albums vying for a spot on the list of top albums of the year.

The band is supporting the new album with a world tour that kicks off May 25th in San Diego, California.  From there, the tour will take the band across the country throughout the month of June before it heads overseas for the European leg of its tour.  Fans can keep up with all the tour dates and more online at, on Facebook at, and on Twitter at

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