Shout! Factory, Nickelodeon Keep The Fur Flying With Catdog Season 2.0

Nicktoons Nostalgics rejoice.  Thanks to the good people at Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon, fans of Nickelodeon’s golden age of animation have one more piece of history to add to their home libraries.  Catdog was one of the last original Nicktoons.  It ran a total of four seasons during its run on Nickelodeon.  Now, thanks to a partnership between Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon, the second season of this classic Nicktoon hits stores today!  Or rather, the first half of Season Two hits stores today.  This time out, audiences see these furry friends become professional clowns and get sucked into a big time space adventure movie.  Also,  one of the Greaser Dogs also tries her hand at being more of a “lady” in order to attract the attention of dog.  But things don’t exactly go as hoped.  That’s all in the first ten episodes of Catdog Season 2.

Catdog Season 2.0 opens with the episode, “Send in The Catdog.”  In this episode, Cat gets tricked into going to clown school with dog.  The catch was that dog hadn’t originally told the whole truth to cat.  He had only said he was going to school.  He didn’t clarify that he was going to clown school.  When they get to the clown school, the school turns out to be a clown boot camp.  The camp is headed by Sgt. Sillybill.  Dog gets through everything with flying colors.  But cat ends up getting drummed out.  As the group of clowns-to-be near their graduation, dog volunteers for an assignment that everyone else is too afraid to take.  He has to entertain little Suzy Sourpuss at her birthday party.  When the assignment proves too much for even dog, cat is forced to take his place.  In the end, the only thing that would make her laugh was cat crying.  As a result of his sacrifice and accomplishment, cat is “re-instated” and awarded.

Along with being clowns, Catdog also inadvertently get sucked into a space adventure movie in the first half of Season Two.  Many of Catdog’s adventures are the result of dog’s antics.  But in “Spaced Out”, the pair is sucked into a big time space adventure movie thanks to cat.  When he gets dragged to see Mean Bob in Space Part Twelve for the seventy-third time, cat is anything but enthused.  So he sneaks up to the movie projection booth and attempts to sabotage the reels.  Instead, he ends up literally getting pulled into the movie.  As a result, dog gets sucked into the movie, too.  No one in the theater even realizes what’s happened.  They all think it’s a bunch of special effects and new footage.  Catdog ends up in Mean Bob’s spaceship, leading cat to start pushing buttons.  As a result of cat’s actions, Mean Bob gets sucked into space, leaving catdog to have to fend for themselves.  they fight off the alien hordes, and saving the princess.  The twist is that cat’s hopes are dashed when he discovers the princess’s head is the only normal part of her body.  The rest of her body is a giant slimy alien.  He can’t escape her slimy clutches when she offers him a kiss.  to make matters worse, Catdog get stuck in the movie when Rancid refuses to get them out.  That’s because they’re an even bigger hit than Mean Bob.  So cat has to re-live the kiss with the alien princess seven times a day.

The second season of Catdog has lots of funny episodes.  As with so many shows, not every great episode is centered on the show’s main characters.  The first half of this season has proof of that in “The Lady is a Shriek.”  This episode is centered on Shriek, the only female member of the Greaser Dogs.  When dog doesn’t pay attention to her, Shriek decides to give being more lady like a chance.  She goes to charm school in an attempt to learn how to be more of a lady.  The school’s owner, Randolph, tries a number of things.  None of them work.  So in a desperate last attempt, he puts Shriek through a machine that is supposed to turn her into a lady.  It seems to work.  So when she goes to Catdog’s barbecue, all the guys there try to woo her.  the only one not making an attempt is dog.  That only upsets her more, until she finally goes back to being herself.  Dog explains to Shriek that he was fine with her how she was.  Everybody else in attendance is shocked that Shriek is a girl, which drives her crazy.  She starts screaming she’s a girl to everyone.  Her screams even reach around the world at the episode’s end.  This episode is proof that regardless of the show or era, sometimes, the best episodes of any show are the ones taht don’t focus on the main characters.

Catdog Season 2.0 has ten great episodes.  The episodes listed here are only part of the total enjoyment.  They’re only one part of what makes the overall presentation so impressive.  As with all of the Nicktoons currently released, Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon have released this double disc set in a slim case.  Each disc has its own place in the case.  this prevents scratching and maintains the longevity of the discs.  So kudos are in order once again for both Shout! Factory and Nickelodeon once again for this release.  The two companies are once again the models of multi-disc sets done right.  That, combined with the laugh riot episodes included in this set make it a wonderful addition to any Nicktoons Nostalgic’s home library.

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