PBS Kids Celebrates Tobey’s Robot Summer Week June 11th – 15th

PBS Kids is celabrating a special week of Word Girl episodes next week.  From June 11th – 15th, PBS Kids is celebrating “Tobey’s Robot Summer Week.”  All week, the network will feature a different Word Girl episode starring the evil boy genius Tobey, and his robots.  Kicking the whole week off Monday will be the classic episode, “By Jove, You’ve Wrecked My Robot.”  It’s joined by the companion episode, “Road Rage, Anger and Fury.”  And of course, what Word Girl episode is complete without episodes of May I Have a Word?

In the first of the week’s Tobey themed episodes, Becky’s mom sets up a playdate with Tobey, while she’s relaxing with Bob.  When Tobey comes in, he tells Becky that he’s made a new game of skill and savvy.  It’s called, “By Jove, You’ve Wrecked My Robot.”  It’s a funny little takeoff of the classic board game, Battleship.  After being confronted by Becky about the game, Tobey admits that his game is asavvy ruse to try and destroy the city.  Tobeyrealizes that Becky is Wordgirl during their dialogue.  In the process, Beckyrealizes that Tobey nearly tricked her into admitting his suspicions.  As the pair are going back and forth, Becky’s mom comes in.  When Becky tries to catch Tobey and get her mom to see Tobey’s robots, it turns out that he’s hidden them.  So becky’s mom doesn’t see them…at first.  Becky tells Tobey that hiding them was asavvy move.  When Becky’s mom comes back in, she catches Tobey just in time.  And as in every Tobey-centric episode, Tobey is hauled away by the ear by his mother.

In the companion episode to the week’s first classic Tobey episode, Wordgirl has to face off against Lady Redundant Woman in “Road Rage, Anger and Fury.”  The episode starts off at the Botsford househld.  Tim Botsford is practicing to be a crossing guard.  Meanwhile, Becky has made a mechanical double of herself so that she can slip away and change into Wordgirl easier.  The double comes in handy when the Botsfords decide to go see Pretty Princess on ice.  On the way there, though, they get stuck in a traffic jam.  It just so happens that Lady Redundant Woman is stuck in the traffic jam, too.  When Lady Redundant Woman gets fed up with the traffic jam, she makes copies of herself to clear out the traffic.  Mr. Botsford tries to get around Lady Redundant woman’s car, but it’s anobstacle.  Lady Redundant Woman’s copies becomeobstacles, too.  Becky gets Bob to activate her mechanical double so that she can slip out and take on Lady Redundant Woman.  When the two meet face to face, Lady Redundant Woman proceeds torantabout the traffic always making her late.  And then she goes on to any number of tangents as sherants.  Just when things sem bleakest for Wordgirl, she yells out asking about any crossing guards.  Her dad hears it and comes to the rescue.  He takes on his crossing guard duties, leading Lady Redundant Woman to be arrested.

Both of the episodes in Monday’s edition of Wordgirl are great episodes.  But no Wordgirl episode is complete without everyone’s favorite vocab building gameshow, May I Have a Word?  In the first half of the show, the contestants have to find the best example of the wordsmudge.  Phil wins that round.  As a result, he has to define the word.  He gets the definition right.  As a result, he wins a giant cutout of the show’s host, Bo Handsome. 

The whole thing wraps up with Captain Huggyface showing the definition of the wordattentive.

Monday’s episode of Word Girl is just one of an entire week’s worth of special Tobey themed episodes of Wordgirl.  So parents and kids who have PBS Kids can stay tuned for lots more all week.  And to get a full schedule and more information on Wordgirl, parents and kids can log on to http://www.pbskids.org.

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