Metal Blade to re-issue classic albums from Rise Above Records

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce that this Summer, it will re-issue a handful of records from Rise Above Records.  The first of the new re-issues is Witchcraft’s “Witchcraft”, “Firewood” and “The Alchemist.”  All three albums are currently expected to hit stores July 17th.

Gentleman’s Pistols will see its self-titled debut record re-issued on July 31st.  It will be joined by Firebird’s “Hot Wings.”  In addition to this current slate of re-issues, Metal Blade also recently released two classic albums from Grand Magus on June 5th.  Those records are “Wolf’s Return” and “Iron Will.”

Current Rise Above band Electric Wizard has released a four-track demo titled, “Satyr IX.”  It has been made available exclusively for the Decibel Magazine Flexi Series.  the demo wil be avaialble in the special “Queens of Noise Women in Metal” issue.  It can be ordered online at  Fans can also hear ‘Satyr IX’ online by streaming it at

Fans can get their copies of the upcoming re-isses online at,, and  Audiences can check out all the latest from Metal Blade and Rise Above Records online at and

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