Chris Wallace releases video for ‘Remember When’

Former White Tie Affair frontman Chris Wallace has officially debuted the video for the first single off his new upcoming album.  The video for ‘Remember When’ is set against the aftermath of a huge house party which was attended both by Wallace and a former love interest of his.  Audiences see Wallace sitting on a bench and looking over at his ex-gilfriend as she lays asleep across the lap of another man.  He sings, looking at the camera, “I’m sitting with an empty glass and a broken heart\thinking what have I done?”  As he sings these lines, audiences see a flashback of how the now former couple’s relationship went bad.

Throughout the course of the video, audiences see the house party go back in time as he sings, “Do You Remember When?”  The visuals show all the good times that the couple had.  It all eventually leads up to Chris being the one holding his now once more girlfriend’s head resting quietly in his lap. 

The whole video can now been seen online at and on his main website,  Fans can keep up with all the latest news from Wallace on his website, and on his fficial Facebook page,

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