Inspector Lewis Series 5 kicks off with a “masterpiece” of a mystery

Courtesy: PBS

PBS’ hit series, Inspector Lewis returns for its fifth season July 8 with four more brand new episodes every Sunday through the month of July.  And it all starts with the season premiere episode, “The Soul of Genius.”

 In Series 5’s premiere episode, Inspector Lewis and his partner DS Hathaway (Laurence Fox) investigate the death of Murray Hawes, after his body is doscovered buried in a shallow grave in a forest near the Oxford campus. Hawes’ body is discovered by botanist Liv Nash when she is out in the forest with a group of conservationists.  She and another woman are digging up a bush when Liv uncovers Hawes’ body.  As Inspector Lewis and Hathaway investigate Hawes’ death, they notice that Hawes had quite the obsession with author Lewis Carroll’s work.  They find a map of the Oxford Botanical Gardens in their investigation.  They also discover that Hawes had paid $200,000 for a copy of one of Carroll’s books.  He apparently wanted to crack the code of the Snark.  Along the way, Lewis and Hathaway discover that a supposed secret society at Oxford called “The Wednesday Club” might have a tie to Hawes’ death….or might it? 

Courtesy: PBS

The deeper the pair gets in its investigation, the more surprises show up.  By the end of the episode, audiences will get a twist that nobody ever would have expected.  That’s part of the mastery of PBS’ crime dramas.  Audiences think they know what to expect, only to have those expectations turned on their ears.  And Inspector Lewis Series 5’s premiere lives up to that bar.  The end result will leave both seasoned fans and new audiences anxious for the next episode.  That shows yet again, the value of PBS’ programming. 

Inspector Lewis Series 5 will be available July 24th both on dvd and blu-ray.  It can be picked up in store or online at  

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