Scholastic’s new dvd set is a treasure trove of family fun

Courtesy: New Video Group

The most recent Storybook Treasures collection from Scholastic and New Video Group is, much like the first two collections, a properly titled set.  The three discs included in the set are loaded with fun and family friendly stories based on some of the greatest children’s books ever written.  Along with entertaining young audiences, it also educates them with stories that teach valuable lessons.  Add in original animation and a read along option, and families have a collection that will be a favorite for one child to the next.

All three discs in the collection offer their own share of fun and learning.  Among some of the most enjoyable stories included in the set are stories of a little squirrel that had to overcome his fear of the world, a group of singing farm animals, and a little dog who couldn’t bark.  There’s even a fun and insightful story of a little squirrel who had to overcome his fear of the world.

In the story of “Scaredy Squirrel”–narrated by David de Vries–audiences are introduced to a little squirrel who is scared of the outside world.  He goes through every day of his life doing exactly the same thing without coming out of his tree.  He even has an emergency kit and emergency plan in case anything should ever happen to him.  The emergency kit is stocked with all kinds of items, from band-aids to anything else that a person could imagine.  Scaredy Squirrel goes about his daily routine every day until a bee comes along one day and changes everything for him.  When the bee buzzes Scaredy Squirrel, he’s forced to jump from his tree.  In the process, he forgets his emergency kit.  But that’s not an entirely bad thing.  Because of what happens, Scaredy Squirrel discovers that he didn’t even know he was a flying squirrel.  So now, he was far less frightened of the world.  He even tosses out his emergency kit, and changes up his daily routine.  The story teaches young audiences that change is a part of life.  And change can be a good thing.  So why be afraid of the outside world and its change.  It teaches viewers to embrace life and change.  This is in itself an important lesson.

“Scaredy Squirrel” teaches a valuable lesson about accepting change and everything that the world has to offer.  It’s only one of the many high points of Scholastic’s Storybook Treasures Vol. 3.  Along with teaching valuable life lessons, the collection also entertains audiences.  One of the funniest stories included in this set is “Doby Dooby Moo.”  “Dooby Dooby Moo” is narrated by country legend Randy Travis.  It tells the story of a group of farm animals who decide to enter a talent contest at the annual county fair to try and win a trampoline.  As they’re practicing for the talent show, the farmer who owns the animals is keeping a close eye on them.  He wants to catch them in the act.  One can’t help but wonder if this story was the influence behind Nickelodeon’s cg-based movie and short lived tv series, “Barnyard.”  The animals do win the trampoline.  It’s thanks to Duck singing ‘Born To Be Wild.’  Think that’s outrageously funny?  Try having one of the judges in the talent contest being a cat.

“Dooby Dooby Moo” is a wonderfully hilarious short story.  It’s not the only funny story included in the set, either. “Bark, George” is the lead story on the set’s third disc.  It is among the silliest stories in the entire collection.  Acting legend John Lithgow narrates the story of the little dog, George who tries to bark, but can’t.  George’s mother tries again and again to get George to bark.  But each time he tries to bark, he makes a different noise.  First he meows like a cat.  And then he quacks like a duck.  Then he oinks like a pig and even moos like a cow.  Unable to figure out what’s wrong, George’s mother takes him to the vet to get checked out.  The vet tells George to bark.  Again, George meows instead of barks.  So the vet puts on a pair of gloves and reaches down inside of George.  To everyone’s surprise, the vet pulls a cat out of George.  The vet says again for George to bark.  This time, George quacks.  So again, the vet reaches in.  This time he pulls out a duck.  Then again, the vet repeats his procedure, and pulls out a pig and then a cow.  Finally after all the animals are out, the vet once more tells George to bark, and he does.  George’s mother is so excited that George can bark that she takes him out and tells him to bark for everyone.  Much to her surprise, instead of barking, George simply says, “Hello.” 

Audiences of all ages will love the inanity of George’s story.  It’s just a fun, turn off your brain moment for the whole family.  And it’s just one of so many included throughout the entire three disc set that will make it a family favorite.  Whether for such funny moments, or for the educational moments, Scholastic’s Storybook Treasures Vol. 3 is loaded with plenty of treasures for the whole family.  It’s one of those collections that will be fun for parents and kids, and even for grandkids.  It’s one of those sets whose stories are so timeless and fun that it will be a staple in any family’s home library for generations to come.

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