Live at the O2 is a great first live impression from Kasabian

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

First impressions, it’s said, are the most important.  That being the case, Kasabian’s first ever live dvd and blu-ray release, “Live at the O2” is a top notch first impression on fans who perhaps have either never had the opportunity to see the band live or are new to Kasabian’s work.  From the throbbing opening beats of ‘Days are Forgotten’ to the catchy title track of its new album, ‘Velociraptor’ to the closing moments of ‘L.S.F.’, Kasabian offers fans a live experience unequalled by anything they’ve seen before.

The setlist on this show will make any fan happy.  But as anyone who’s ever been to a live show (or seen on one dvd/blu-ray) knows, the songs alone don’t make the show.  And the band showed that it knew this.  The combination of the stage and lighting setup made the performance feel like more than just a concert.  It felt like a very special event meant to be remembered long after it ended.  The concert shown on this recording was jsut one of many sold out shows on the band’s most recent European tour.  Having a packed house also made the show feel that much more massive.  Add in stunning camera work that captured the reaction of the packed house, and expertly captured the band’s stage show, and audiences get an experience that’s something very special.

The bonus tour documentary included in both the dvd and blu-ray gives extra insight into how the band’s stage show came to being.  It’s explained that the band wanted its stage show to really reflect the futuristic vibe of its new album.  That effort definitely resulted in a huge success.  The stage show is only part of the bonus documentary.  Fans also get to follow the band as it embarks on its European tour.  Each of the band members offers his own take on the tour.  There’s even footage of the band as it preps for its shows.

“Live at the O2” is overall a wonderful first live effort from Kasabian.  It’s a special experience both for fans who have followed the band from its early days up to present day and for the newly initiated.  For those who are experiencing Kasabian for the first time (whether live or in general), it won’t take long before they too become fans.  Keeping everything already noted in mind, kudos are in order both for Kasabian and for Eagle Rock Entertainment for a first impression that will make long time fans proud and that will undoubtedly make new fans of countless more to come.

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