Arquette proves his dramatic acting chops in new indie flick

Courtesy: Anchor Bay Entertainment

“Black Limousine” is quite the departure for David Arquette.  For an actor who’s known for his work in the likes of “8 Legged Freaks”, “Scream” and NBC’s “Friends”, starring in this indie flick was a big risk.  On the surface, “Black Limousine” is a confusing movie.  But when it’s examined on a more analytical level, it’s a much deeper work. 

In “Black Limousine”, audiences get the story of a man who at one time had the dream life.  He was a big time movie soundtrack composer.  He had a wife and two kids.  He had the nice house and money.  He had it all.  But a single drink one night changed it all.  Now he, (Jack MacKenzie—played by Arquette) is just struggling to get his life in order.  But being surrounded by dysfunction and the famed fake lives of Hollywood does nothing to help his situation.  That dysfunction includes serving as limo driver for big star Thomas Bower (Nicholas Bishop) and the young hopeful actress, Erica (Bijou Phillips).  Jack thought that taking on the role of limo driver would make his life better.  But thanks to getting to know these two figures while driving the limo, his life only gets worse.

Ultimately, everything that happens to Jack leads to a moment that will keep audiences riveted right to the very end of the story.  Much like so many other moments throughout the story, it all adds up to make a movie that is a very interesting psychological and equally moving human drama.

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