Roger Hodgson’s Breakfast In America Tour Returns To U.S.

Famed Supertramp front man Roger Hodgson is bringing his Breakfast in America tour back to the U.S. this Summer.  Hodgson’s tour will take him to thirty-four dates this Summer, beginning August 5th at the Deer Valley Resort Amphitheater in Park City, Utah.  The national tour marks the first time in three decades that Hodgson has had a national U.S. tour. 

Hodgson’s tour will take him across the Pacific Northwest, the Northeast and the midwest.  Fans can go online to to get a full list of dates for the upcoming tour.  And to get all the latest news from Roger, fans can go online to,,, and

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2 thoughts on “Roger Hodgson’s Breakfast In America Tour Returns To U.S.

  1. The concerts of Roger Hodgson are unique, magical & unforgettable! I saw him last September and found myself immersed in the most ethereal music. His voice resonates deeply in your mind, heart & soul and quickly takes you back to the first times you heard those songs on the radio. Roger’s instantly recognizable melodies and signature Wurlitzer piano sound help you realize that he was truly the essence of Supertramp & the creator of the songs we feel so deeply about, such as Dreamer, Child of Vision, Hide In Your Shell, In Jeopardy (only to name a few!) Roger is the definition of a true artist, his warm connection with the fans & the audience between songs makes you feel like a close friend. Every song really feels like he is singing it specially for you! You only have to experience his concert once to understand why you find yourself dreaming of the next one 🙂 It’s a lot of fun to follow him on his tour on Facebook!
    Come along too, come along right, come a long way… sing it tonight 🙂

  2. The impossible task is to find the words to explain what one experiences, feels when buying a ticket and attending a Roger Hodgson concert. As someone whose passion is music, the buying of the ticket is sacred. Then you wait for months knowing you have this special jewel hidden away….waiting for the magical day to arrive.

    In many cases I have enjoyed the performances, being glad I was able to hear one more artist’s/band’s music live……

    A Roger Hodgson performance is beyond description……from the minute he and the band hit the stage, it is ALL TO CLEAR he is there for the fans. Roger spends his time on stage connecting with his them. He makes eye contact, points, responds to shout outs, laughs, giggles and last but not least “Smile continually”.

    Now, let’s talk about the voice that sounds better then ever and the musicality of all on the stage…. An evening with Roger Hodgson is time well spent….. Go, travel…..see Roger live. It will be an adventure that is life changing……..

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