Season Four Is A Bittersweet Sendoff For Sanctuary

Courtesy: Entertainment One

Sanctuary’s end is here, fans.  It was announced earlier this year that after the hit show’s fourth season came to an end, Syfy was not going to renew it for a fifth season.  That being the case, the show has done a good job wrapping up some of the loose ends from its first season.  In season four, fans finally see the conflict between Adam and Helen come to its conclusion.  And the conflict between SCIU and the abnormals finally comes to a head in what can only be described as a bittersweet ending for the series. 


Courtesy: Entertainment One

Season four opens with the episode, “Tempus.”  In this episode, Helen travels back to London, 1898 to hunt down Adam.  She has to find him because he had jumped back to save his daughter, Imogen.  This is where things get dicey.  In the process of trying to find Adam, she also encounters the old Adam.  It later turns out after that encounter that the future Adam has taken Imogen, thus changing the future.  However in what she believes to be a final conflict, Helen kills Adam and saves the future.  The problem is that Imogen is inadvertently killed by Adam in the conflict.  As a result of everything, Magnus is stuck in 1898, and has to live there in seclusion until 2011, so that she can resurface.

Magnus bides her time, finally able to resurface in 2011.  But it would turn out that while she may have killed Adam in 1898, he pops up, so to speak in the episode, “Chimera.”  Magnus and Tesla run into a digital copy of Adam in a manner of speaking when they enter the Sanctuary’s computer system in order to quarantine a virus that threatens to basically shut down all of the Sanctuary’s systems, and even go global.  When they go into the computer, who should they run into but Adam, or a digital copy of his being.  The digital Adam ends up trapping Helen and Tesla, leading to a game of cat and mouse that ends with Adam being the one who gets trapped in the digital world.

After dealing with the issue of Adam once and for all, Helen has another obstacle to face in rising tensions from the abnormals.  Beginning with “Acolyte”, audiences get a hint that something very big is coming between the abnormals and the humans.  Thanks to abnormal leader, Caleb, an all out war with the humans nearly happens.  Thanks to efforts by Will, Magnus, and Tesla, that war is averted.  But it’s at a high price.  For those who haven’t seen how the series comes to an end, that won’t be given away.  As a hint though, the very end of everything is actually happy.  Though it does leave viewers wondering “what if.”  What if Syfy had picked up the show for a fifth season?  Either way, it can be said that at least it leaves viewers feeling like everything was wrapped up nicely.

Sanctuary Season 4 is available now on DVD and blu-ray.  It can be purchased in store or ordered online.  It can be ordered online via Syfy’s store,

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