Everclear Goes Back To its Old Days On new LP

Courtesy: Entertainment One

Everclear is perhaps one of the few remaining major acts that started out in the 90’s that is still around today, save for perhaps Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and a handful of others.  In the course of its career, frontman Art Alexakis has released albums that fans have loved.  And he has released material of which fans haven’t been so keen.  The band’s newest release, (its eighth) “Invisible Stars” is one of the prior.  “Invisible Stars” takes fans back to the earliest days of Everclear. 

The album’s opener, ‘Tiger in a Burning Tree’ sounds like it could have come right from the band’s 1995 breakout record, “Sparkle and Fade.”  Alexakis sings about three different subjects in the song, each one feeling “like a tiger in a burning tree” or trapped.  He sings as the song closes, “close your reyes and take a big deep breath…then you can tell me what it feels like to be a tiger in a burning tree.”  For a song that doesn’t even break the two-minute mark, it manages to get in a lot, lyrically, that will get audiences’ attention.

‘Tiger in a Burning Tree’ is a somewhat deep song, lyrically.  It isn’t the only song that will get listeners thinking.  Alexakis also delves into race relations on the album.  ‘Jackie Robinson’ tells the story of an African American man named Luther Jackson Greene.  He tells listeners of how Luther recalled his memories of growing up in the civil rights era.  He told of getting to see jackie Robins play baseball, and of a whie woman he was romantically linked to being killed just because people didn’t like them being together.  Luther also tells Art in the song about working with Martin Luther King, Jr. and seeing Barack Obama being elected.  Even through all of the adversity, the music backing the lyrics shows how happy Luther was recalling everything from the past, and where things are now.  It makes for one of the album’s best songs.

The album’s closer, ‘Promenade’ is another of the album’s standout tracks.  Alexakis sings as the song ends, “Remember when it felt like we were walking with God.”  He sings about people recalling good times in their lives.  It was like they were walking with God.  This happy closer is a direct opposite to how the album opened, mood wise.  It’s almost like by the time listeners reach this song, they hear a preson whose view on life and general attitude has changed.  It makes for a wonderful closer and another great song from another great Everclear album.

Everclear is currently touring in support of “Invisible Angels.”  The band will be in Rochester, New York tonight.  Fans can get a full tour lineup and all the latest news from the band online at http://www.facebook.com/everclear, http://www.everclearonline.com,  http://www.myspace.com/everclear, and http://twitter.com/everclearband.

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