New PBS Special May Help Answer Questions Surrounding Autism

Courtesy: PBS

PBS is one of the most important networks on television today.  It has shown its importance for many years with its variey of progams for the entire family.  Now PBS has shown its importance yet again with the new special “The Autism Enigma.”  This special shows the importance of PBS both for families and educators and even those in the scientific community.  Through interviews with medical professionals, it brings to light, the discussion of what was once  considered a radical theory on autism.  That theory is now one of the most widely accepted theories on the disability throughout both the medical and scientific community.

The theory in question discussed in “The Autism Enigma” is centered on the belief that bacteria in the gut and digestive tract may actually be linked to autism.  Autism last made waves when allegations were made that it was linked to childhood vaccinations.  That now debunked theory is included in the program, too.  Now, numerous studies are convincing both the medical and scientific community that there could actually be a link between autism and human chemistry.  To make things more interesting, it presents the theory that both genetics and food could play into the equation, too.

Some members of the medical and scientific community seem to hint at the belief that some children might be genetically succeptible to autism.  And when exposed to foods with what is called Propionc Acid, those children who are succeptible to autism will begin showing symptoms of the condition.  This seems to make sense as an interview with one mother in the program revealed that once she took her children off of dairy products and products with carbohydrates, their symptoms seemed to be reduced.  Propionic acids have been discovered in both products.  What is theorized in the program is that the propionic acids interact with bacteria in the gut and digestive tract, leading the bacteria to release neuro toxins.  Those neurotoxins get into the bloodstream and are then taken to the brain, which seem to cause the impairments caused by autism.  Processed foods are also believed to be culprits in the studies, too, according to the feature.

The discovery of this supposed link between genetics, food, and body chemistry is just one of the compelling aspects of “The Autism Enigma.”  Another comes in an interview with a mother who theorized that perhaps certain antibiotics would help her son, who is autistic.  That theory eventually would lead to the use of probiotics to help keep the symptoms of her son’s autism at bay.  It wasn’t a cure, but it definitely seemed to help in the fight.  Again, this seemed to hint at the link between internal body chemistry and autism.  It’s one more piece in the hour long program that will really get parents, scientists, and medical professionals alike talking and thinking.  It’s just as important a tool in the classroom as it is outside.  It is available now, and can be ordered online at

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