Shout! Factory, Nickelodeon Keep The Laughs Coming In Angry Beavers Season 3.5

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Nickelodeon

The end is near for Nickelodeon’s Angry Beavers.  On August 14th, Nickelodeon and Shout Factory will release the second half of Angry Beavers Season Three.  Season Three Part Two (which will be known as Season 3.5 from here on) sees eleven more episodes of hilarity from Norbert and Daggett.  Fans see Norbert and Daggett create their own new world at the dawn of the millennium, only to mess things up.  Also in this half of Season Three, an old family movie leads Norbert to wonder if Daggett is really his brother.  And in another episode, Norbert decides one day to take on the role of a “Euro Beaver” with hilarious results in the end.  

In the episode, “Brothers…To The End?”, Norbert and Daggett are celebrating New Year’s Eve with their friends.  At the stroke of midnight, they are suddenly thrust into a darkness and told by “the voice of fate” that they have been chosen to create a whole new world.  Knowing how the boys are, the results can only be bad.  At first, things seem to be okay.  But when Norbert and Daggett have a disagreement over a culinary matter, they start arguing, things get real bad real fast.  The voice of fate tries to warn Daggett and Norbert that they’re ruining the world given to them, but the boys ignore the voice.  So, the voice tries again as they’re fighting.  But it’s to no avail.  The boys eventually build forts complete with robot armies.  When the two forts are pushed together, the robot armies are unable to get out, and their combined energies blow Norbert and Daggett back to their old world, where they keep fighting.  Again the voice tries to get through to them to no avail, even when Norbert has a change of heart and starts hugging Daggett.

Think things can’t get any wilder from The Angry Beavers?  In “Oh Brothers?”, Daggett and Norbert are watching a movie of Norbert’s birth.  Norbert wonders why there’s no footage of Daggett’s birth, thus leading him to believe that Daggett can’t possibly be his brother.  So he starts a search for what he believes is his brother.  His search turns up another beaver named Byron, whom he believes is his brother.  Byron has in tow, Randy, who both Norbert and Bryon believe must be Daggett’s brother.  After Byron constantly talks down to Norbert, it’s finally revealed that Daggett and Norbert are in fact brothers.  The real surprise comes from Randy, who is in reality far more intelligent than he had let Byron believe.  He’s even more intelligent than Byron.  He apologizes to Norbert for Byron’s actions, ending the episode.

“Oh Brother?” is very well complimented by another episode of identity crisis in “Euro Beavers.”  In this episode, when Daggett wakes from his winter slumber, he goes to wake up Norbert.  He finds that for no reason at all, Norbert has decided to take on the persona of a Euro Beaver.  At first, Daggett tries to get Norbert to get back to himself, but eventually decides to join him, even going so far as to pull a spoof of Swedish pop group ABBA.  Just when things can’t get any more zany, officials with the government’s immigration department roll up.  They confront Norbert and Daggett, and say that the boys are in the country illegally.  Daggett tells the officials that Norbert is the Euro Beaver, not himself.  Norbert is then hauled off, ending the episode.

These three episodes are loaded with more than their share of insanity and laughs for all the Nicktoons Nostalgics out there.  They’re only part of the fun from Season 3.5.  The entirety of Season 3.5 includes twenty-two total shorts.  That’s eleven more full episodes.  They make eleven more reasons to pick up this double disc set when it is released August 14th.  It will be available both in stores and online.  It can be ordered directly through Shout! Factory’s online store,

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