Chris Robinson Brotherhood Puts The Hip In Neo-Hippie

Courtesy: Silver Arrow Records

Chris Robinson Brotherhood’s new album, “Big Moon Ritual” has officially placed itself into this reviewer’s list of 2012’s best new releases.  This album takes listeners back to the days of David Crosby, The Grateful Dead, and so many other great classic bands and artists.  This is a record that’s perfect not just for that Summer road trip, but also for a casual Fall afternoon.  It’s one of those multi-purpose records to which audiences can listen any time of the year, and simply relax. 

‘Tulsa Yesterday’ is the perfect opener for this album. It’s proof that music is the most powerful drug of all.  Who needs chemicals and other junk when one has this near twelve minute jam session?  One need simply turn off everything around, save for this song, and it will take one into another world all by itself.  Forget the lyrics.  The music is what counts here.  Robinson and his band mates let the music flow from their fingers as if it was some kind of naturally flowing energy.  It’s almost the kind of thing to which a person could fall asleep while they listen.

“Big Moon Ritual” is impressive on its opener, to say the least.  It continues to impress on its second song, ‘Rosalee.’  ‘Rosalee’ has a little bit of a funk vibe about it.  Again, the musicianship of the band shines bright throughout the song.  Everything is perfectly balanced in this song.  And the outer space sound effects added in to the experimental sounds of the band make this another standout song on what is a standout album in whole.

‘Tulsa Yesterday’ and ‘Rosalee’ are wonderful pieces to the musical puzzle that is “Big Moon Ritual.”  They are only part of that puzzle though.  When put alongside the album’s remaining five songs, they combine to make an album that isn’t just a collection of songs.  It is a true musical experience.  This is one of those rare albums that will offer fans something different with each listen because of all of its tiny nuances.  Every track has something special to offer listeners.  And just as every track has its own identity and musical joy to share, it will bring each listener their own special experience.  That is what music is all about.  And that is what makes “Big Moon Ritual” one of the top albums of 2012.

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood is currently touring in support of “Big Moon Ritual.”  Fans in North Carolina should mark their calendars for Sunday, September 30th.  The band will be making a stop at The Orange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina that day.  Fans in other states can keep track of the band’s tour dates and more online at,, and

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