Veggie Tales’ Latest Is More Fun For The Whole Family

Courtesy: Big Idea

Big Idea’s latest release in the Veggie Tales franchise is another family friendly story that not only re-tells a classic literary tale, but also maintains the Christian values that have made this franchise such a favorite ever since its very first ever release.

The Penniless Princess re-tells the classic story of A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  This story sees the shoes filled by Shirley Temple in 1939 replaced by the voice of Anna Grace Stewart.  The latest story stays closer to the original book than the Shirley Temple rendition.  And while it does maintain the Christian values for which the franchise has become known, it isn’t overly preachy.  This in itself is a bonus for parents.  The lesson that people can be friends regardless of their social class is both secular and Christian at the same time.  That, again, makes this a wonderful program for parents with young children.  Parents will also appreciate the sing-along songs.  As their children will sing every word to every song.  The bonus features included on this disc add to the enjoyment.  Both parents and children will enjoy the mini guided tour of London.  And parents will love hearing the voice cast and everyone else behind the toon talk about how it was brought to life.  Perhaps the only downside to the entire presentation is the random middle segment with the two friends texting each other on their phones.  It is completely out of place in the special.  And as randomly as it comes into play, it will leave both parents and kids questioning what it’s doing there.  Other than that, this is one more enjoyable feature for the whole family.

“The Penniless Princess” will be available in stores and online Tuesday, August 14th.  It can be ordered online at  While families wait for the new DVD to come out, they can take their kids to and play lots of family friendly games. 

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