Miggs’ New LP Gives New “Hope” For Music

Courtesy: Elm City Music

Mainstream radio is a funny thing.  It goes from one trend to the next, never really taking the time to look back at what made music great.  Thankfully, audiences do.  And one listen to the new album from indie band Miggs will remind listeners that while mainstream radio claims to play the hits, indie rock has its own hit acts. 

Miggs, which is named after its front man, Don Miggs, will release its brand new album, “15th and Hope” September 11th.  It will be released via Elm City Music.  “15th and Hope” is a catchy record that will take audiences who were in high school and college during the 1990’s back in time with its brand of catchy radio ready songs.  It carries a total of twelve songs, no less than half of which could easily find their way onto mainstream radio, given the proper coverage. 

One of those radio ready songs is ‘Stars.’  It’s sort of a mix of Third Eye Blind and another band of that ilk.  Miggs himself even sounds a little bit like Third Eye Blind front man Stephan Jenkins.  The album picks up the pace a little more right after ‘Stars’ with the funky ‘Full of Doubt.’  This song is one of the few that doesn’t seem to be centered on the issue of relationships.  That alone makes it that much more enjoyable; perhaps even the best song on the album.  The chorus singing behind the band adds its own touch to the song, too.  It gives it its own identity among the album’s other songs.

‘Monsters’ is another high point to “15th and Hope.”  As with the earlier tracks, this one also bears something of a Third Eye Blind vibe, musically speaking.  There’s also a touch of perhaps The Wallflowers, too.  Speaking of The Wallflowers, ‘Fairy Tales & Miracles’ has much of that feel, too. 

Miggs’ new album has so much that fans will love in hearing it.  Simply put, this is a solid radio ready rock record.  It proves that Miggs could easily hold its own against any of the big name acts currently making waves on radio today.  “15th & Hope” will be released Tuesday, September 11th.  While waiting for the album’s release, fans can keep up with the band online at http://www.miggsmusic.com, http://www.facebook.com/miggsmusic, http://twitter.com/miggsmusic, and on its official YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/miggsband.

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