Power Rangers Power Up With New DVD

Courtesy: Lionsgate

The Power Rangers is one of the most iconic children’s television programs in the history of modern television.  American audiences got their first taste of the Power Rangers way back in 1993.  Now nearly two decades since that first series aired, young audiences are still being treated to the adventures of the Power Rangers.  The latest team of rangers is known as the Power Rangers Samurai.  This team of rangers has to face off against the evil Master Xandred and his hordes.  In one of the latest volumes of adventures from the Power Rangers Samurai, the rangers acquire their Super Samurai powers in their fight against Xandred.  In another of the volume’s adventures, the rangers’ souls are transferred into inanimate objects, while the essence of those objects is transferred into the rangers.  It’s up to the Green and Yellow ranger to save the rest of the team.  That and more are in “Power Rangers Samurai:  The Super Powered Black Box Volume 1.”

In the first episode included in “The Super Powered Black Box Volume 1”, the Arachnitor has returned from its exile.  At first, Xandred is none too happy with this news.  But he changes his mind in considering that it could be very useful thanks to its new mutation.  Meanwhile, the rangers have started planning what to do.  When they track down the monster, they try to morph, but can’t thanks to evil magic barriers that have been put up.  Just when it seems that the rangers won’t be able to defeat the Arachnitor, Antonio comes with the legendary Super Powered Black Box that allows the rangers to become Super Samurai.  With their newly discovered powers, the rangers are able to defeat the creature both at their size and when it grows and they have to use their zords against it.

In “Trading Places”, the Nighlok creature Switchbeast has come to “help” Xandred defeat the rangers on the orders of his master, who is revealed later in another episode.  Switchbeast is switching people’s souls with the essence of inanimate objects, causing them to take on the form of the objects in question, so to speak.  It just so happens that the rangers are right where Switchbeast is as he’s “switching” everybody out.  Only two of the rangers are left untouched by Switchbeast.  So it’s up to Mike to use the black box and unleash his Super Samurai powers and defeat Switchbeast.  Mike tricks Switchbeast, leading it to switch places with a soccer ball.  Mike’s trick works, allowing him to release the souls of all of Switchbeast’s victims.  Things aren’t over there, though.  When Switchbeast goes mega-size, Mike has to take control of the zords and defeat Switchbeast.  Mike defeats the creature and gets everything back to normal.  But not without a friendly match between Mike and one of the other rangers at the episode’s finale.

“Trading Places” and “Super Samurai” are only half of the episodes included in the “Super Powered Black Box” compilation.  There are still two other episodes that audiences can enjoy now.  The DVD is available in stores now and online.  It can be ordered directly from Lionsgate online at http://www.lionsgateshop.com.

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