Set It Free Releases Its Debut Music Video, ‘Don’t Stand Alone’

Brick, New Jersey’s own Set It Free is set to release its full length debut record very soon.  In anticipation of the release of the record, the band has released the video for the first single from its new album, ‘Don’t Stand Alone.’  The video is literally a party.  Viewers see the band playing at a big party in the video, adding to the song’s positive vibe.

The song itself comes across in a wholly positive vibe.  Front man Andrew Williams sings in the song’s chorus, “Don’t stand alone/No use in breaking bones/Remember there will always be/A place to call your own/So don’t stand alone.  That line alone is empowering.  And it goes right in the same vein of the song’s verses.  At one point, Williams sings, “We persevered through the thick and thin/Sometimes completely dead in the wind/Let’s blow the lid off it all/leavin’ no regrets.  That could be interpreted as Williams talking about the band itself.  On another hand, considering the seeming general content, it could also be interpreted as a call to audiences that we’ve collectively gone through the good bad bad, so let’s celebrate and blow the lid off.  For fans who have never heard Set it Free, this song is a good introduction to the band’s sound.  And in a time when so much of music is dominated by screamo/emo bands and bands with crunching guitars and nearly indecipherable cookie monster growl vocals, Set It Free is showing that music can still be both fun AND inspiring.  Fans can check out the video for the single now at

On a related note, the band is going to be performing at a benefit show this Friday, August 17th at The River Rock in its hometown of Brick, New Jersey.  The show is being held to raise funds for a friend of the band who recently had some very difficult situations thrust on him.  The band’s manager, Maria Marr, will serve as the show’s emcee.  Marr is also the host of Jersey Rock on 95.9 WRAT.  She will be auctioning off some really interesting stuff in coordination with the show, to help raise money for the cause.  Among the items being auctioned off is a guitar signed by one of music’s greatest names, Zakk Wylde. 

Fans can get more information on the band’s upcoming benefit show and lots more online at

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