New Power Rangers Compilation More Super Powered Fun For Audiences

Courtesy: Lionsgate/Saban

Good news Power Rangers fans.  Lionsgate and Saban released two brand new DVD compilations of Power Rangers Samurai episodes this week.  The first of the pair saw the new team of rangers get its Super Samurai powers, and learn how to use them.  The adventures get even bigger in the second set, “Power Rangers Super Samurai:  Super Showdown Volume 2.  In the second volume of the pair, the rangers have to tame the new Bullzord with the help of their friend, Cody.  And in another adventure, the rangers have to save Master Ji and Antonio when they’re kidnapped by the Nighlok Eyescar.  Those adventures and another pair are included on “Power Rangers Super Samurai:  Super Showdown Volume 2.”

One of the most important developments for the Samurai Rangers so far was the acquisition of the Bullzord.  The reason is that it was such a powerful zord.  As the story in the aptly titled episode notes, the Bullzord was so powerful when it was originally created, that its creators had to keep it locked up, as it couldn’t be tamed.  But when the rangers’ young friend, Cody, releases the Bullzord, the rangers have to help tame it.  As if taming the Bullzord wasn’t tough enough, the rangers also had to deal with the Nighlok, Crustor.  Crustor’s after the Bullzord, too.  In his attempt to take control of the Bullzord, Crustor goes after Cody, who has its discs.  Jayden has to stop Crustor and protect Cody, who is finally able to tame the Bullzord.  Once the Bullzord is tamed, Jayden sends Cody back to his dad and uses it to finish off Crustor.  After defeating Crustor, the rangers go back to check on Cody and his dad who are both okay.

The challenge of taming the Bullzord wasn’t the only tough moment for the Samurai Rangers.  In “The Rescue” the team has to free Master Ji and Antonio after they’re kidnapped by the Nighlok Eyescar.  Luckily for the rangers, when they are captured, Antonio leaves a trail of twine a la Hansel and Gretel for the rangers to follow.  This leads to a brief funny moment, when Mia makes a joke about the trail just having to lead down a dark and creepy tunnel.  It’s almost like she was speaking through the viewers, joking about how cliché it was.  That in itself made for a few laughs.  The rangers follow the trail through the tunnel, when they encounter a group of Moogers.  The rangers manage to defeat the Moogers and get to the end of the tunnel where they discover Antonio and Master Ji are being held by Eyescar and a huge horde of Moogers.  The rangers regroup get the edge with an aerial attack that clears enough Moogers for the team to release Antonio and Master Ji.  The rescue couldn’t come at a better time, as Eyescar goes mega size.  The rangers assemble the Samurai Megazord and finish him off once and for all.

These two adventures are just half of the enjoyment that fans of the new Power Rangers team will get on the new Super Showdown Volume 2 compilation.  There are two more episodes included in this set that fans will also enjoy.  Fans can check both of those episodes, along with the pair noted here now.  The compilation is available in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct from Lionsgate at

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