Staind Live BD A Good Companion Piece To Band’s Live CD

Courtesy: eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Eagle Rock Entertainment recently released a CD recording of Staind’s performance at the Mohegan Sun from last year.  As a companion to that recording, Eagle Rock has also released the BD companion to the band’s performance.  Anyone that has been a fan of this Massachusetts based band since its earliest days will enjoy this addition to the band’s catalogue.

The video on the BD is crystal clear making for an impressive visual experience.  Along with the impressive quality of the show’s footage, fans are also treated to a bonus song, ‘Country Boy’ sung by the band’s front man, Aaron Lewis.  For a singer who is known more for his powerful and at times heart wrenching vocals, his country turn on this song shows a wholly different side of the vocalist.  It’s a side that shows how versatile he is.  Even without country legends George Jones and Charlie Daniels backing him in his performance here, Lewis still hits all the right notes.  There’s even a little bit of a Jamey Johnson feel in his vocals as he launches into the old school country style song.

Lewis’ vocals soar throughout the band’s entire performance even into the fading moments of the set’s closing number, ‘Something To Remind You.’  Even so many years into his singing career, Lewis shows in the band’s show that his pipes are as strong as ever.  The energy of drummer Sal Giancarelli, guitarist Mike Mushok and bassist Johnny April make the show that much better for fans.  And even in more subdued numbers such as the band’s hit, ‘It’s Been A While’ the whole unit comes together for a song that’s both beautiful and heart wrenching in its feel.  So many songs of lost love are written every year.  But this is one of those songs that to this day, still does the job right in really capturing the feeling of heartache that a person (male or female) goes through having lost someone. 

Whether it be the band’s older material or something more recent, this whole set has something for all of the fans of Staind, new and old.  The BD is out available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered online at

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