The Flower Kings Return With Another Solid Opus

Courtesy: Inside Out/Century MEdia

“The Banks of Eden” is another good effort from The Flower Kings.  This record boasts sounds not only from the band’s older material, but also from Roine Stolt’s side project, Transatlantic.  The similarities to Transatlantic are obvious in the album’s opener, ‘Numbers.’  This song sounds like it could easily have fit onto any of the band’s current releases.  At the same time, it builds on what Stolt helped create with Transatlantic, and made it even better.  This near twenty-five minute opus opens with a semi-hard rocking movement with guitars that could just as easily be compared to songs from fellow prog rockers, Dream Theater and Spock’s Beard.  It eventually becomes a little more introspective and slow as the song progresses before moving into its more Pink Floyd influenced closing movement.  By the song’s end, listeners will be left feeling like they’ve not just listened to a song.  They’ve experienced what music is all about.

The album’s opener isn’t the only one that shows the band’s Pink Floyd influence.  The closing number on the expanded edition of the album shows a very blatant Floyd influence through guitarist Hasse Froberg’s work.  The second half of the expanded edition picks up where the first half left off, with an equally impressive work in ‘Fireghosts.’  It only gets better from there, harkening back to even more old school rock with ‘Going Up’, ‘Illuminati’, and ‘Lo Lines.’  All three are very guitar driven.  Again, that, mixed with the musicianship of new drummer, Felix Lehrmann, makes for even more enjoyable songs.  All together, they combine for an album that any long time Flower Kings fan will enjoy.

“The Banks of Eden” is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered direct through Century Media at  Fans can also pick up the band’s album at its concerts throughout its European tour.  To get all the latest tour dates and news from the band, fans can go online to and

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