The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends Will “Rev” up Audiences Of All Ages

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Hub

Television today is rife with programming that’s anything but kid and family friendly.  Even all the “reality” shows out there are loaded with so much profanity being bleeped out that some parents probably question even letting their kids watch that stuff.  Even the networks that have kid friendly programming aren’t available to all parents.  That makes DVD’s such as the new release from Hub’s The Adventures of Chuck & Friends that much more important to parents who want something safe for their kids. 

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends:  Monster Rally is another fun and family friendly release from Hub in its partnership with Shout! Factory.  This new single disc compilation of episodes boasts ten more episodes of life lessons and fun.  The young dump truck Chuck learns why it’s not good to brag in this compilation.  Also in “Daredevil Chuck”, Chuck learns that sometimes it’s better to go with your heart than with the crowd.  And in “The Legend of Bigtire” Chuck and his friends learn about rumors and to not always believe everything they hear.  There are even more life lessons to be learned throughout the other seven episodes in this collection that families will love to watch together.

In the opening episode of this brand new compilation from Hub and Shout! Factory, Chuck has gotten a brand new horn.  He’s so excited about it that he can’t wait to go and show it off to his friends.  He loves all the attention.  But when his friend Soku comes along and shows off his new police kit, all of the attention suddenly goes to Soku instead, making Chuck jealous.  So Chuck goes back to the shop and “Borrows” his brother Rally’s new tires and puts them on.  He goes back to the junkyard to show them off to his friends.  While his friends are amazed by Chuck’s “new” tires, they tell him they have to see them in action.  This is where things get hairy for Chuck, as he loses control on the track and ends up running through a bunch of mud, and getting the tires dirty.  When he comes back to his friends, Soku inadvertently gets the attention of Chuck’s mom with his new megaphone.  She comes over with Rally, forcing Chuck to admit what he had done.  Chuck learns his lesson about trying to brag and show off, and gets Rally to show off the tires instead.

Chuck learns a valuable lesson about pride in the compilation’s opener.  It’s just one of many episodes that he learns.  In “Daredevil Chuck”, Chuck learns that just because other people do certain things doesn’t mean he has to.  When a series of dares gets bigger and bigger, Chuck starts to question the dare his friends had set up for him.  He talks to his dad about it, who tells him that he should go with his heart.  Chuck pays attention to that advice, and goes back the next day to tell his friends he’s not going to take their dare because he doesn’t feel safe.  And just as his friends start to get on him for not taking the dare, the giant pile of bricks and the girder leaned against them comes tumbling down.  Chuck’s friends realize after it falls that he was right to not take the dare.  And Chuck feels that much better for not having taken the dare, but following his heart instead. 

Learning to not always follow the crowd and do what everyone else does is a very important life lesson.  And in that same vein, part of not going along with the crowd is not spreading rumors.  Chuck and his friends learn this lesson in the episode, “The Legend of Bigtire.”  Chuck and his friends are out and about one day in this episode, when they discover some very large tire tracks in the dirt.  The discovery leads the group to start talking about the legend of Bigtire.  As they search for Bigtire, Chuck and his friends all have their own idea of what Bigtire is.  They go back to the shop and tell Chuck’s dad and his friends about what they’ve seen.  So Rally is asked to go along with Chuck and his friends.  He doesn’t let on that he knows who Bigtire really is at first.  But eventually, he finally introduces everyone to the “legendary” Bigtire.  Bigtire turns out to be merely a construction truck named Sigmund.  And he’s a far cry from what the rumors had said he was.  Actually, he’s the exact opposite of those rumors.  He is big.  But he’s also very polite and kind.  Seeing this, Chuck and his friends learn that not everything they hear should be believed.  Nor should they add to the rumors that get spread about others.

Chuck and his friends learn some very valuable lessons in this brand new compilation of episodes.  The ones noted here are just tiny samplings of what this new DVD has to offer.  There even more episodes in this set that parents will love to watch with their kids again and again.  It’s available now in stores and online at Shout! Factory’s store,

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