Black Taxi’s New LP Good For Fans Of 80’s Music

Courtesy: Black Taxi

New York based Black Taxi has been making a lot of noise in the underground scene for a number of years.  The band has earned a “Webby” award for the video for the song, ‘Shoeshine’ off of its 2009 album, “Things of That Nature.”  The band started off 2012 in positive style, too.  The band debuted the first single from its newest album, “We Don’t Know Any Better” on AOL.  The band’s new album is good fodder for anyone that is a fan of old school 80’s acts the likes of The Talking Heads and Men at Work or for more modern acts such as Cake or The Killers.  There’s even a semi Pink Floyd style piece and some Franz Ferdinand influenced music on this disc, too.

Speaking of ‘Hand’, this is one of the album’s highlights.  It’s an interesting hybrid of that old school 80’s sound mixed with a newer version of said old school style.  ‘Do What You Gotta Do’ boasts some of that same style.  The mix of the synthesizer with the guitars in this song give it a really catchy almost Cake-style sound.  There’s some of that also in the album’s title track.  Fans of Franz Ferdinand will also enjoy this record thanks to its sound.  Black taxi sort of emulates Franz Ferdinand in the catchy ‘Balloon on a Barbed Wire.’  The solid drum beats mixed with the guitar work make it an instant hit for audiences.  Fans of prog-rock masters Pink Floyd will be intrigued by the change of pace when the band moves into the more melancholy drone of ‘Holding On To Nothing.’  Thankfully, that doesn’t last long as the band kicks things back into gear right afterwards with the more catchy ‘Politics.’  The band keeps the energy up right to the album’s end from here with the blatantly 80’s style of ‘Tell Me What You Need’ and the almost hippie-esque vibe of ‘Hope I Never Know.’

While “We Don’t Know Any Better” was released back in January, the band is currently touring in support of it.  The band will be in Charlottesville, VA tonight.  Tonight’s show is followed by a pair of dates in Georgia tomorrow and Wednesday and a stop in South Carolina Thursday evening.  The band will close out the work week with a trio of dates in Florida this weekend.  Fans can go online to or for a full tour run down, and to get all the latest news from the band.  

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