Jazz Lovers And Lovers Alike Will Love Marcus Goldhaber’s New LP

Courtesy: Randex PR

Almost love.  Those are two simple, short words.  But they make for a fitting title to jazz/pop artist Marcus Goldhaber’s new album.  One has to ask oneself, when is a feeling between two people almost love?  When is it love?  The album’s title track does an outstanding job of capturing that mix of emotions when a person is trying to figure out if what they feel is love or if it’s almost love.  He sings in the album’s title track, “And it’s love/Or it’s almost love/If you/Can be certain of your heart/But so much depends on/How you connect with/What you can’t expect it to be.”  Who hasn’t been at that moment when they are trying to figure out that mix of emotions at a given point as a relationship grows?  These lyrics mixed with the gentility of the music makes this just one of many high points on Goldhaber’s new album.

After taking listeners through the emotional journey of sorting out one’s feelings, Goldhaber gives listeners the high point of realizing that love is real in ‘Somebody in Love.’  As with the album’s title track, this song also does a great job of catching the emotion that is felt by a person newly in love.  And while it’s told from the vantage point of a male, it’s a great piece in that it could just as easily have been told by a female, too.  Goldhaber sings in the song, “I’m in a big mess/I haven’t a clue/Ain’t got the time/Can’t spare a dime/I don’t know what to do/Don’t know who to call/can’t seem to get friends/I’m losing my mind/And I don’t know why/My anxiety won’t end/I gotta get through this/Unique situation/I gotta get through to/Somebody in love.  Doesn’t sound too happy, right?  Well he goes on from here singing, “I was doing fine/Figured it all out/had lots of money/I was so funny/Gigolo no doubt/I was in control/Never had a mess/The ladies would call me/nothing would stall me/from getting that kiss/I gotta get through this/Unique situation/I gotta get through to/Somebody in love.”  He’s singing about actually being in love and how crazy it makes him feel.  That’s why he sings about needing to get through to somebody in love.  He wants to make sure that the crazy feelings he’s having are normal.  Yet again Goldhaber and his band mates—Jon Davis (piano, Hammond B-3 organ) and Marcello Pelliterri (drums)—expertly capture the high that a person feels when he or she first realizes that he or she really is in love.  Any new happy couples will enjoy this track just as much as the others on this disc, of not more so.

Just as ‘Somebody in Love’ highlights what a person newly and truly in love feels, ‘As Long As I’m With You’ somewhat continues that positive vibe, with Goldhaber and his band mates yet again musically capturing the excited lyrical vibe of the song.  Goldhaber sings just as happily here, “I have never been so happy as when I’m with you/I get lots of funny feelings/and my dreams come true/When you’re in my arms/There’s no way I could be blue/It doesn’t matter where I am as long as I’m with you.  That one verse alone sets the tone for the rest of this song.  That energy is just as obvious in the lyrics as it is in the music.  Together, they make yet another great track for this album.  Audiences could almost argue that it sort of has a Stan Getz meets Nat King Cole vibe.

“Almost Love” has plenty of up-tempo pieces that perfectly capture the highs of being in love.  And even the slower, more gentile songs do an equally impressive job of capturing the more romantic moments of love.  These songs do their job both musically and lyrically.  Being entirely assembled, they make a wonderful album for any jazz lover.  And for those who may be new to Marcus Goldhaber’s music, it makes for a top notch introduction.  “Almost Love” hits stores October 9th.  While fans wait, they can get all the latest news and more from Marcus online at http://www.facebook.com/marcusgoldhaber and http://www.marcusgoldhaber.com.

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