New WordGirl Episode Is Very Meaty, Will Leave Fans Seeing Double

Courtesy: PBS/PBS Kids

Everybody by now has seen and/or heard all of the news about the current teacher strike in Chicago.  And standardized testing has been a hot topic among the educational community as far back as one can imagine.  These issues, along with so many others have put educational in more danger than before in recent years.  Thank goodness for PBS and PBS Kids.  PBS Kids offers a number of outlets for kids and adults that are both family and kid friendly as well as educational.  One of the most popular of those outlets is PBS Kids’ hit series WordGirl.  Now after a bit of a wait, fans of WordGirl are getting new episodes.  In the second of the new upcoming episodes, WordGirl has to face off against another old foe in The Butcher once again.  And Lady Redundant Woman returns.  She comes back.  Get the joke?  And of course, everybody’s favorite vocab building game show is back with another new episode, too.

In the first half of Episode #502, WordGirl has to face off against The Butcher once more when he discovers the source of his powers.  “The Meaty Dimension” reveals where The Butcher got his powers thanks to a book left by his father, Kid Potato.  The Butcher uses his new discovery to lure WordGirl’s sidekick, Captain Huggyface into the Meaty Dimension and trap him through a portal.  At first, The Butcher overpowers Captain Huggyface and traps him in a pork chop prison in the Meaty Dimension.  Much to his surprise and dismay, Huggyface’s appetite allowed him to eat all of the meat in the Meaty Dimension, and escape it through the same portal in which he was lured through in the first place.  He gets back to the real world and defeats The Butcher with the help of WordGirl’s friend, Violet.

After the first half of Episode #502, everyone’s favorite vocab building game show, “May I Have A Word” returns for another new episode.  This time, the contestants must define the word “Perspire.”  Tommy properly defines it, winning him an official WordGirl Launch Ramp.    

In the second half of Episode #502, WordGirl has to face off against Lady Redundant Woman in a classic evil twin plot.  When Lady Redundant Woman starts making evil copies of all of the city’s officials, Becky’s mom, who is the city’s Assistant D.A., is suspected of robbing a bank when her evil copy is actually behind the crime.  So the real Mrs. Botsford goes on the run, making WordGirl gripe about the situation. Finally, Mrs. Botsford comes face to face with her evil copy and manages to convince the police about which one is the fake when she asks both Mrs. Botsfords a question to which only the real Mrs. Botsford would know the answer.  All ends well with Lady Redundant Woman being arrested and the real city officials being released from prison. 

May I Have A Word closes out once the second half of Episode #502 ends.  Having won the first round, Tommy has to properly connect a picture to the definition of perspire.  He correctly links the two, winning him official WordGirl Frozen Treats. 

Audiences get one last vocabulary word as the show closes.  Captain Huggyface closes it out, as he always does with one parting word.  This episode’s parting word is BlitheBlithe means happy or joyous.  It’s one more word for young audiences to learn at an early age as they build their vocabulary knowledge.

WordGirl airs at different times on PBS Kids affiliates across the country.  So audiences should check their local listings to find out when this and the other new episodes will air.

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