Mister G’s New LP Will Have The Whole Family Dancing And Learning

Courtesy: Coil Records

Mister G’s music isn’t just music for kids.  It’s music for the entire family.  It’s music for the world.  This is so true on his new record, “Chocolalala.”  This Spanish language children’s record is a double hit that is a great celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, which by the way started this past Saturday, September 15th

Who out there doesn’t enjoy some good Latin tinged music?  Exactly.  The music on this new album will make audiences of all ages want to get up on their feet and dance.  What’s more, the lyrics are a great teaching tool for audiences of all ages, too.  Sure, it’s aimed mainly at younger audiences.  But even parents who perhaps don’t speak any foreign language could easily use this record as a starting point to learn Spanish.  What better starting point than the album’s title track.  Who wouldn’t love to sing all about one of the world’s favorite foods, chocolate?  Follow that up with a song simple titled, ‘Bailamos’ (which translates to ‘Dance’), and audiences have two instant hits on their hands.  ‘Bailamos’ has music that expertly catches the energy of the song itself.  It will have everybody on their feet in no time.  And the semi-rap vibe of ‘Big Yellow Bus’ will get anyone’s toes tapping and heads bobbing.  Even adults will secretly admit that they’re jamming to the beats of this song.  Add in the horns to back it all, and audiences have yet another great track.

The songs throughout Mister G’s new album are great for kids and their parents.  There isn’t one bad track on this entire LP.  The music is great.  And the lyrics make for a great starting point for both kids and their parents to learn Spanish together.  But that’s not all that makes this such an enjoyable listen.  Mister G was joined by some rather well known musicians on this album, including:  Mike Visceglia, Steve Gaboury, Rani Arbo, and an eleven year old trumpeter who just happens to be the daughter of famed children’s author Mo Willems (author of the Knufflebunny books).  Mike Visceglia is the bassist for the one and only Suzanne Vega.  And fans of Cyndi Lauper might recognize Steve Gaboury’s name, as he is her keyboardist).  Also on board for this record are some of Mister G’s former students.  All of these musicians and students collectively brought so much to the table to make “Chocolalala” an infectious record that serves as even more proof of the power of music to bring kids and adults the world over together.

Mister G is currently touring in support of “Chocolalala.”  He’ll be performing at the New England Reading Association Conference in Nashua, New Hampshire on September 25th.  For a full list of tour dates and all the latest news from Mister G, go online to http://www.mistergsongs.com, http://www.facebook.com/MisterGsongs, http://twitter.com/MisterGsongs, and http://www.youtube.com/user/mistergsongs/video.

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