Shout! Factory, Nickelodeon Keep The Fun Coming With New Nicktoons Release

Courtesy: Shout! Factory/Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon and Shout! Factory are at it again.  The two companies are releasing the second half of Nick’s classic Nicktoon, CatDog.  In the second half of Season Two, CatDog learns yet again, the value of the other after they have a fight.  Also during a visit to an art museum, it turns out that Dog might just have some royal roots.  And in the season finale, Cat learns the true meaning of Christmas in a special half hour long episode after Cat sells out to Mayor Rancid.  These episodes and all the others included in this double disc feature make for even more furry fun from Nickelodeon and Shout! Factory.  And as has become tradition with Shout! Factory’s Nickelodeon releases, the company continues to lead the way in proper packaging, too, adding yet another bonus in itself to this double disc set.

CatDog has had a number of fights throughout the first season of this classic Nicktoon.  That’s also been the case in the first half of Season Two.  Now, another fight has led to another episode in which the pair learns to value the other in the second half of Season Two.  Cat and Dog learn to appreciate the other after a fight between them leads to a pair of dream sequences that eventually intersect in “It’s A Wonderful Half Life.”  Dog is dreaming of a happy simple life, while Cat is dreaming of living in the lap of luxury.  In his dream, CatDog’s friend Winslow is his personal butler.  There’s even a reference to the Orson Welles classic, Citizen Kane in his dream.  While both Cat and Dog’s dreams start out happy, both turn bad quickly, leading to their intersection.  When their dreams intersect, they wake the boys up and make them realize how silly their fight was.  They end up making up, making for a happy and funny end.

Cat showed in his dream during “It’s A Wonderful Half Life” yet again, his greedy nature.  Apparently he got his greed naturally.  That’s shown in “Royal Dog.”  CatDog take a trip to the art museum in this episode.  During their visit, they discover a painting depicting what could very well have been their ancestors.  The tour guide tells them the story of the painting.  The guide tells of how the CatDog in the picture started out poor, but thanks to Cat’s greed and desire for the good life, he trains Dog to be a Royal Dog.  The training works.  But there’s just one catch.  The position of Royal Dog turns out not to be everything that Cat and Dog thought it would be.  In the end, things turn out not so well for CatDog’s ancestor.  But the end result does make for a good laugh.

CatDog has offered lots of laughs in the show’s first two seasons.  And while it does offer more laughs, the season finale of Season Two also offers a warm feeling in “A Very CatDog Christmas.”  In the season finale of Season Two, CatDog is celebrating Christmas.  Dog drags Cat to the mall to see Santa.  Mayor Rancid brings his niece to the mall, too.  She is, of course, a total brat.  She tells Santa and Rancid that she wants CatDog.  But CatDog says they’re not for sale.  That’s not the pair’s only trouble.  After having to deal with Rancid, CatDog also has to deal with the Greaser Dogs again.  Once they escape the Greaser Dogs, Cat’s greed get the better of him.  He goes back to Rancid and agrees to sell himself and Dog to Rancid’s niece.  This depresses Santa, who turns out to be the real Santa.  Santa’s so saddened by seeing CatDog sell out that he cancels Christmas.  Meanwhile, even though Cat and Dog don’t know the effect of what’s happened, they start to realize that they may have made a bad choice.  So, they escape from Rancid and his niece and head home in an effort to set things right.  But they discover when they get back home that things are even worse than they originally though.  Right when everyone is about to punish them, Dog stops everyone and tells everybody there that they can still celebrate Christmas.  This single moment leads to a happy ending for all, including Santa’s return.

To find out exactly how each of these episodes play out, along with all of the other fun adventures not mentioned here, fans of this classic Nicktoon can pick up the double disc set themselves next Tuesday, September 25th.  It will also be available online at

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