20th Century Fox Offers Audiences More Scary Fun With New Goosebumps Re-Issue

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox

Halloween is getting closer each day boys and ghouls.  That means all the parents out there are likely looking for ways to entertain all the little ghouls and ghosts at all those Halloween parties.  What better way than with another spooky set of stories that parents and kids alike will enjoy.  And who better than children’s horror master R.L. Stine to deliver them?  Thanks to 20th Century Fox, fans of Stine’s classic Fox Kids show, Goosebumps, will have plenty of scares to go around in some newly re-issued compilations.  One of those compilations is a set combining the collections of “Ghost Beach” and “The Headless Ghost.”  All six episodes from these two compilations are here in this new set.  Among the best of the set are the lead stories from “Ghost Beach” and “The Headless Ghost”, as well as a spooky little story about a pair of 17th century crooks turned into dogs.

The “Ghost Beach” compilation opens with the title feature.  In this episode, audiences are introduced to brother and sister Jerry and Terri.  They’re exploring a graveyard at a beach when another pair of siblings named Sam and Louisa give them a little scare when they suddenly appear.  After introducing themselves, they tell Jerry and Terri about a haunted cave at the beach.  In learning about this legend, Jerry sets out the next night to find the cave.  Sam and Louisa just happen to be there.  They tell jerry and Terri that the ghost who haunts the cave is that of Harrison Sadler.  At first, Jerry and Terri don’t believe Sam. 

Despite being told to stay away from the cave, Jerry and Terri go anyway the following night.  When they discover isn’t a ghost, but the descendant of Harrison Sadler.  He reveals that it’s not him but Sam and Louisa who are the ghosts.  He tells Jerry and Terri to go back to the graveyard for proof that he’s being honest.  They find Sam and Louisa’s graves.  But when Sam and Louisa appear, things get even stranger.  It turns out that Sam and Louisa are the real ghosts, just as Harrison Sadler had said.  Things aren’t entirely finished even after this final confrontation, either.  What happens next is left for viewers to see for themselves.

Not scared yet?  The scares keep coming in the episode, “The Barking Ghost.”  Here we are introduced to a young man by the name of Cooper.  Cooper and his family are getting ready for bed in their new home as we are introduced to him.  Cooper’s brother Micky picks on him for investigating the seemingly phantom barking that he hears in the forest behind the family’s home.  Cooper heads off to investigate the sounds anyway.  What he finds isn’t so nice.  Along the way, he meets a new friend named Fergie who investigates the sounds with Cooper.  As they’re investigating the sounds, the “ghost” dogs intercept the pair and lead them to a tree not far from the house and push them in.  The dogs reveal that they’re really the spirits of the two crooks caught hundreds of years ago and they were going to switch bodies with Cooper and Fergie.  That switch-up doesn’t last long for the crooks though, as they learn that even in death, crime doesn’t pay.  Along the way, Cooper’s brother gets a little switch-up of his own that will leave audiences laughing.  Audiences will have to watch this episode themselves to find out just what happens.

Things turn out for Cooper and Fergie at the end of ‘The Barking Ghost.”  But things almost don’t turn out so well for young Stephanie and Duane when Stephanie drags Duane along for a little after hours ghost hunt in the haunted Hill House in “The Headless Ghost.”  Who hasn’t taken a haunted tour before?  There are so many haunted locations across this country.  One of them is the famed Hill House.  The story of the Hill House is centered on a young boy named Andrew who was looking for a ghost when he lost his head, literally, after the ghost revealed itself to him.  Almost two centuries after this legend happened, the Hill House tour director said that Andrew’s ghost still haunts the house, looking for his head.  As he is telling his tour group of the legend, Stephanie grabs the leg of a young girl, scaring her and greatly upsetting the tour guide, who throws her out.  Stephanie decides to go looking for Andrew’s ghost and drags Duane along.  Again, they’re discovered by the tour guide and thrown out.  This is when the pair meets “Seth.”  “Seth” takes Stephanie and Duane on an after-hours ghost hunt that almost has deadly consequences for Stephanie when it turns out that Seth isn’t exactly who he says he is.  What happens to her?  Viewers will once again just have to find out for themselves when they pick up this re-issued combo pack for themselves.  The new Goosebumps “Ghost Beach/The Headless Ghost” dual set is available now on DVD courtesy of 20th Century Fox.

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