20th Century Fox, Scholastic Offer Up Even More Scares For Families In New Re-Issue

Courtesy: 20th Century Fox/Scholastic

Halloween is one of the favorite days of the year for parents and kids alike.  Lots of people like to go out trick-or-treating.  And then there are those who choose to celebrate the big night in the comfort and safety of their homes with parties.  That’s just as enjoyable.  And planning those parties can be almost as stressful as getting ready to go out.  That’s especially the case when planning parties for kids.  So the question is raised what to do to keep kids entertained at those celebrations?  How about another DVD with nearly an hour and a half worth of spooky tales courtesy of children’s horror master R.L. Stine?  20th Century Fox and Scholastic have re-issued another pair of the classic Fox Kids’ show in a dual set loaded with even more scary family fun.  In the classic collection, “Go Eat Worms”, audiences are introduced to a young man whose fascination with worms leads to some very bad consequences for him.  In what is one of the best of this set, a brother and sister discover that the legends of lawn gnomes might be true after all, and then some.  And when a young man’s fascination with magic leads him to his favorite magician’s show with his kid sister, things turn bad real fast.

The title episode of the set, “Go Eat Worms” introduces young Todd.  Todd has quite the fascination with worms.  But that fascination gets a little more than scary after he conducts experiments on them and even goes so far as to use them to play a trick on his sister, Regina.  After this, worms suddenly star appearing all around him. They’re even in his bed.  When Todd confronts his sister the next day after the worms’ sudden appearance, she denies any involvement.  Later that night, Todd goes out in search of more worms for his science fair exhibit when he falls down a hole in the forest.  Todd discovers in falling down the hole, that he’s surrounded by worms.  He even comes face to “face” with a giant worm that nearly strangles Todd to death until Regina inadvertently saves him.  How does she save him?  Viewers will have to find that out for themselves.  After that incident, Todd seems to have learned his lesson and leaves worms alone.  But as viewers learn at the end of this episode, he apparently hasn’t learned his lesson quite yet.  Viewers will have to find out for themselves what that means.

“Go Eat Worms” is loads of spooky fun.  It’s just one part of what makes this new set from 20th Century Fox and Scholastic so much fun to this day.  The second episode from this new re-issued set, “Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes” is one of the set’s absolute best episodes.  Viewers meet brother and sister duo Joe and Mindy in this episode.  Joe and Mindy’s neighbor, McCall is a retired military vet who obviously hasn’t lost his training.  He’s also quite the bully.  When Joe and Mindy’s dad comes home one day with a pair of lawn gnomes, MCCall instantly comes over to make fun of them.  But as audiences will soon discover, the gnomes don’t exactly appreciate being made fun of.  The problem is that Joe ends up taking the blame for the gnomes’ destruction to McCall’s yard.  So Joe decides to prove it wasn’t him.  He grabs a video recorder and tapes the gnomes and follows them.  But when they discover Joe and Mindy, the gnomes chase them and steal the camera.  Luckily though, Joe and Mindy are able to lure the gnomes into a trap to defeat them.  At the same time, the trap also inadvertently deals with the issue of McCall.  How so?  Once again, audiences will have to find out for themselves when they pick up this newly re-issued dual disc set from 20th Century Fox and Scholastic.

If gnomes and worms aren’t scary and spooky enough for audiences, how about an evil magician bent on creating some of the scariest and most evil tricks ever dreamed up?  In “Bad Hare Day”, young hopeful magician Tim wants to be a great magician.  So one night, he sneaks out to see The Great Amazo at the Midnight Mansion.  Just as he’s about the sneak out though, Tim’s bratty little sister Jenny almost keeps him from going when she catches him.  She threatens to tell the pair’s parents.  So he agrees to take her with him.  At first Tim’s having a great time.  But when he’s selected to volunteer for a trip, things turn bad when he gets trapped behind stage.  He searches around and finds Amazo’s dressing room.  He hears a voice that he thinks is that of Amazo yelling at him.  So he takes Amazo’s bag.  When he opens it the next day, he pulls out a rabbit who turns out to be a magician named El Sydney who had been trapped in the body of a rabbit.  This is when things start to go south.  He convinces Tim to release him from the rabbit’s body.  Tim does.  But the end result isn’t too happy for Tim.  Once more, audiences will have to find out for themselves what happens.  “Goosebumps:  Go Eat Worms/One Night in Horrorland” is available now on DVD. 

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