MO Emo Band Offers Another Option For Audiences

Courtesy: We Are Triumphant Records

The Ashland, Missouri based six piece emo act known as Treebeard is a good band for anyone who is a fan of the likes of Fall Out Boy, Silverstein, My Chemical Romance and other acts of that ilk.  The band’s moody sound fits quite well into that very niche genre.  Younger audiences will likely enjoy the band’s stylings on its new EP, “Here Are The Answers.”    

The five track EP opens with the song, ‘Star Garden.’  What’s really interesting about this track (much like the others on this disc) is that rather than being a single song, it’s constructed almost in movements.  The first half of the song sounds like one song.  It then proceeds to die out, almost making way for another wholly different movement or song as a whole.  That’s something different for an emo band.  The transition from ‘Star Garden’ to ‘Haru Tora’ is a nice touch too, thanks to the work of guitarists Ian Vardell and Nick Berthold.  The band’s vocal team of Matt Cole and Alex Kelly get their chance to really shine, too on the album’s penultimate song, ‘Forest Canticle’, too.  This one song is without a doubt, the highlight of this EP.  The use of keyboard parts and nature sound effects really help to set the mood.  And against the constant onslaught of the other songs, it’s quite the counterpoint to them.

Fans who want more information or who want to get their hands on the band’s new EP can go online to the band’s Facebook page to get it at or the We Are Triumphant Facebook page,

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