ESPN Kicks Off New Online Series

Courtesy: ESPN

The first of the new features from ESPN’s 30 for 30 Shorts has officially premiered.  “Arnold’s Blueprint” follows the life of bodybuilder/actor/politician Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It focuses primarily on Arnold’s teenage years in the Austrian army.  The twelve minute short—directed by Michael and Jeff Zimbalist (The Two Escobars)—tells how Arnold’s time in the Austrian army would eventually lead to his beginnings in the world of bodybuilding.  The short can be watched here:

ESPN’s 30 for 30 shorts are presented in partnership with  The thirty part digital series will be similar in format to the network’s famed 30 for 30 TV series of specials.  Each short will be presented from the vantage point of its director and how each mixes the story with his or her own style of film making. will feature one new 30 for 30 Short each month.  Each feature will be accompanied by a written feature and extra material to add context.

“Arnold’s Blueprint” is accompanied by a written article by Brian Phillips.  Phillips’ article will focus on George Reeves.  Reeves was Arnold’s bodybuilding coach turned movie star.  Other 30 for 30 Shorts that fans can expect to come include:  “Silver Reunion”, “The Arnold Palmer”, “Holy Grail:  The T206 Honus Wagner”, and “Tommy and Frank.” 

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