Blaqk Audio’s New LP Is A “Bright” New Record

Courtesy: Superball Music

AFI’s Davey Havok and Jade Puget have hit the switch yet again on the way back machine and taken audiences once more back to the heyday of the techno boom with the new Blaqk Audio record, “Bright Black Heaven.”  This album takes listeners even deeper into the electronic influences of both men with tracks the likes of ‘Faith Healer’, ‘Everybody’s Friends’, and ‘Bliss.’ 

‘Faith Healer’ is a blatant throwback to Depeche Mode.  Even the vocals are eerily similar to that of Depeche Mode’s front man Dave Gahan.  While it’s a blatant throwback to Depeche Mode, the keyboard parts actually throw in a more twenty-first century touch with their effects, bridging that generational gap and bringing the two together for what is the album’s first really catchy track.

‘Everybody’s Friends’ is another high point to “Bright Black Heaven.”   While the song is lyrically steeped in the standard topic of relationships, it’s the music that really stands out.  This song is an instant club hit.  It would have just as popular in the 80’s thanks to its keyboard work.  The real surprise of the song is that as catchy as it is, it would be interesting to hear a remix of this song.  A remix might actually be that much catchier.  Much the same could be said of ‘Bliss.’  But instead of mixing older techno and new, this song instead favors more of the newer sound, showing growth from the duo’s debut album, “Cex Cells.”  Hearing this track and comparing it to work from “Cex Cells” it would be no surprise to see this duo out on tour with the likes of Linkin Park or even collaborating with them at one point or another.

Speaking of touring, no dates are currently listed.  But fans can get all the latest tour dates when they come along by going online to,,, and  The duo’s new album, “Bright Black Heaven” is available now in stores and online.  It can be ordered online via iTunes at

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