Blues For Jimi Is A Fitting Tribute To Hendrix, Moore, & Mitchell

Courtesy: eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

It’s been over four decades since the passing of Jimi Hendrix.  To be precise, it’s been just over forty-two years since his untimely passing.  In the time since this music legend’s death, his legacy has continued to thrive as one of the greatest guitarists of all time.  In honor of this unwitting rock star, the music world has been paying tribute to him throughout 2012, opting to celebrate his life rather than his death.  November 27th will have been seventy years since Hendrix’s birth.  In anticipation of his birthday anniversary, a handful of releases have been put out on DVD, Blu-ray, and CD.  As the big day nears, audiences are being treated with another tribute to Hendrix thank to Eagle Rock Entertainment’s release of Gary Moore: Blues for Jimi.

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Vision

Gary Moore: Blues for Jimi is a tribute not just to Hendrix, but also to his former drummer Mitch Mitchell and to Gary Moore.  This concert, recorded at the London Hippodrome in 2007 archives, is a wonderful performance to say the least.  It archives a legend paying homage to a legend along with two other legends.  The way that Moore churns through each song in this near hour and a half long show seems like he’s channeling Hendrix himself.  And were they listening to this show, not knowing, audiences would swear that bassist Bill Cox was Hendrix, too.

The concert runs a grand total of roughly an hour and fourteen minutes.  In that time, audiences are treated to something special.  As already noted, the way in which Moore plays, it’s as if he’s channeling Hendrix himself.  Audiences can tell in watching both the DVD and the Blu-ray presentation of this concert how much fun the late musician was having.  One of the best moments in the show comes as Moore is joined by Billy Cox and the now late Mitch Mitchell on ‘Red House.’  This show would be one of the last that Mitchell would ever perform before his death in 2008.  The jam session that the trio breaks into in this song is well worth the total eleven and a half minute run time.  What Hendrix show would be complete without a rendition of perhaps Hendrix’s greatest songs, ‘Voodoo Child (Slight Return)?’  Just watching Moore interact will both Mitchell and Cox shows the respect that he has not just for Hendrix’s legacy, but for both Mitchell and Cox, too.  They looked like three kids just jamming out having fun.  And that fun translated to the audience as well.  Even audiences at home will feel that same energy and joy.  It will make the show feel like it was over just when it began.  That is a sign of a great concert.

Courtesy: Eagle Rock Entertainment/Eagle Records

The DVD and Blu-ray presentations of this archived concert are great for home viewers.  The concert looks especially great on blu-ray.  Fans can also take the concert with them anywhere they go as it’s also available on CD.  The CD presentation is exactly the same as the DVD and Blu-ray presentation.  So audiences won’t have to worry about losing anything in translation.  It still has all the same enjoyment as the DVD and Blu-ray.  The CD, DVD and Blu-ray presentation are all available in stores and online now.  Fans can order it direct via Eagle Rock Entertainment’s website,

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