Flobots’ New LP Another One Of 2012’s Surprise Hits

Courtesy: Shanachie Records

Flobots’ new record, “Circle in The Square” is a solid record that is easily one more of the year’s sleeper hits.  While this Denver, Colorado based band has never had major mainstream support, this new LP show why it’s no surprise that it has managed to grow and succeed time and again with every album.  Its mix of politically charged lyrics and beats will make it a favorite among its long time fans and build a new fan base at the same time.

The album opens strongly with its title track, declaring, “We are the circle in the square.”  The band isn’t speaking of itself.  Rather, it’s a call for unity and a call to action so to speak on the part of the band to get audiences involved.  The band’s front men Johnny 5 (A.K.A. Jamie Laurie) and Brer Rabbit write in the song, “The time is now/our time has come/We show ‘em how/what can be done/No matter what they say/Or they don’t say/We make a way/out of no way/Against the gun/Beneath the veil/Yes we can/Too big to fail/We are the ones/We’re waiting for/We save ourselves…”  As the song’s video illustrates, it doesn’t matter what one’s background, one needs to take into consideration of the world around and get involved.  Again, “The time is now…we show ‘em how/what can be done…We make a way out of no way.  The line of “Yes we can, too big to fail is by no means an endorsement of Barack Obama.  It’s simply a way to say we as a people united can make a difference.  We’re too big to fail.

The album’s opener is just one example of what makes this new album so impressive.  Lyrically speaking, “Circle in The Square” offers so many diverse topics.  The songs range in topic from politics to relationships to topics that some might not even expect.  That diversity alone makes this record a contender for the year’s biggest sleeper hits, if not one of the year’s best records, period.  Add in an equally interesting musical style, and audiences get even more of a treat.  This album has its share of rap-rock stylings that have made the band so well-liked among its fan base.  But it also manages to separate the two elements apart from one song to the next with ease.  That blend of sounds will keep audiences hooked from start to finish.  It all combines to make for a record that will grow on audiences more with every listen.  And that alone is the sign of a really good record.  In the case of “Circle in the Square” this is not just a good record, but a much underrated album, too.  Audiences can pick it up now in stores and online.    

Flobots is currently touring in support of “Circle in the Square.”  The band will be performing in Charlotte, North Carolina Monday, October 15th at the Tremont Music Hall.  For a full listing of the band’s current tour dates, audiences can go online to http://flobots.com, http://www.facebook.com/theflobots, http://www.myspace.com/flobots, and http://twitter.com/flobots.

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