New Mets Anniversary Set Is Simply “Amazin'”

Courtesy: MLB Productions/A&E Home Video

The 2012 MLB Playoff picture is now officially set.  Ten teams are in.  It all starts with the Wild Card matchups tonight.  Some fans are happy, while others are sad.  However, while their team may not have made the big dance this year, Mets fans still have reason to smile thanks to a brand new fan collector’s set that’s out now. 

The Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s Set features some of the greatest names and moments in the half century history of New York’s other team.  The set includes a twenty-six page hardbound book and ten DVD set that will take both Mets and baseball fans through the team’s rich history.  The book starts off with a foreword by famed Mets broadcaster Howie Rose.  He writes fondly of the team, including what he considers are some of the team’s highlights.  Those highlights include:  Jimmy Piersall’s 100th career home run, the team’s first ever MLB Championship in the 1969 World Series, and the now infamous incident from Game Six of the 1986 World Series in which Mookie Wilson hit the ball through Bill Buckner’s legs, making Buckner the target of Red Sox fans’ ire for decades.

Rose makes mention of the infamous Buckner incident in the foreword to this stunning anthology of Mets history.  The entire Game Six is included on one of the ten discs included as part of this ultimate collection.  Also included are features on other famous Mets moments and players that are also supplemented via the included discs.  What makes all of this better is that as audiences read through this slim coffee table style book, it prompts readers on which disc they can play to get a more in depth experience of the topic being discussed.  And audiences get just that, as they’re treated to the highlights of some of the team’s best seasons from 1963 straight to 2006.  Also included are the Mets’ 25th anniversary special, An Amazin’ Era, and a single disc feature that focuses on the fifty greatest Mets players.  Fans can also pick up this disc as a stand-alone feature.

On the surface, the Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s Set is a wonderful piece of baseball history both Mets faithful and for baseball fans in general.  It brings together half a century of this storied team’s history in one complete set.  One a deeper level, the manner in which the book and the DVD’s were packaged makes it that much more of a special set.  It would have been so easy for MLB Productions and A&E Home Video to have made this into a standard ten disc box set with a small booklet included.  But both organizations took the road less travelled instead, opting for something more standout.  What audiences get in this set instead of a standard box set is a slim coffee table style book that safely houses the complete tend-disc collector’s DVD set at the same time.  What this does is it optimizes the full fan experience for the Mets’ legions.  Instead of being placed aside like so many box sets, Mets fans can display this set with pride right on their coffee table, openly showing their allegiance.  The Mets’ next fifty year mark is far away.  In the meantime, this is a set that can be passed on to another generation to enjoy for the next fifty years. The Mets 50th Anniversary Collector’s Set is available in stores and online now.  It can be ordered online via MLB Productions’ website at

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