High School Is This Generation’s Dazed And Confused

Courtesy: Anchor Bay Films

One part Dazed and Confused and one part Seth Rogen flick, High School is an odd amalgam of a stoner flick and a coming of age story.  It should be noted right off the top that this flick is strictly a niche film.  It is not meant for the general public.  It has some heart.  But it also isn’t without at least one problem.  The problem that it has is that in the attempt to blend the two story formats together, High School gets bogged down in itself and ultimately eliminates any possibility of believability.  Though it is at least somewhat deserving of credit for its attempt to have heart.The whole story starts when Morgan High School’s brightest star is arrested on charges of drug possession.  So when another of the school’s smartest, Henry (Matt Bush) ends up getting high, he realizes almost too late the far reaching consequences of what he’s done.  Thankfully for henry though, the boy who influenced him to get high in the first place (played by Sean Marquette) actually develops a conscience of sorts and attempts to help Henry cover up what he’s done.  Ultimately the boys’ plan proves to be far more convoluted than either one had imagined.  They see that the plan has actually backfired to an extent.  Travis ends up attempting to fill Rogen’s shoes as he bumbling friend who learns some very valuable lessons and grows himself.

Getting an entire school high just to cover up a single person’s one-time event is not the most believable story.  If not for the coming of age story and the realization of what’s really important by Travis, High School would have been far less memorable than it already is.  And occasional nudity, foul language and obvious drug use more than validate the movie’s “R” rating.  When it’s all said and done, there’s no denying that High School is strictly a niche film.  It is by no means meant for everyone.  But for those who enjoy this genre of movie, it will likely be just as entertaining as the likes of a Seth Rogen flick or Dazed and Confused.  It’s available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

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